That sounds like a great news.

I’ve got a question just that might sound “noob”, but is there a problem running the Messiah-Pro-edition (native 64Bit version) under a 32 bit OS ? (window xp pro sp3, in my case )

And as Opera is wondering, what about Pointoven ?

That was 2 questions in fact ^^


When you buy the Pro version you get access to a 32bit install as well as the 64bit install. So all the features of the pro version are available to you but you are limited to the amount of memory your 32bit operating system can see. 3D applications really prefer a good 64bit OS.


:eek: :eek: LAttices! and you guys didn’rt make a video of this tool.

Videos of all the features you just mention - thats a MUST!


Thanks Wegg for the answer.

Just ordered my copy.
Can’t tell you all the good that I think (hummm, doesn’t sound english…). I really wish the best to Messiah and the team behind :wink:


You guys should make SETUPTAB.com a stickey here in this forum.


That pretty much breaks all the rules Julez. Its nice here… . . lots and lots of great stuff if you search for it. We need both communities. Its just that. . . one is a little more awesome right now. :wink:


hoo hoo hoo cheap $199 Pro upgrade price! THANKS GUYS!


There are plans for making demo videos of this features?


Well shut my mouth! How ya doing Wegg? I must say this list of new features is a head-turner. Well, it turned mine. So is it true? No more meta-effectors? Can the point-level animation be used to create joint-driven morphs (smartskins)?


I’m working on them as fast as I can.


I’m doing good.

They work WITH effectors. I wouldn’t give those up for the world. They are fantastic for blocking out wide areas of control. This just allows you to fine tune their influence with a brush at the sacrifice of having to re-paint them when the point order of your mesh has changed. Just like what your used too.

Yes but the interface to make it as elegant as smartskin is still being worked on.


:slight_smile: rejoice rejoice :slight_smile:



Looking forward to the rest of the vids. I am very curious about the rest of the features before I make a decision to upgrade. I am interested in the hair dynamics in particular.


Ohhh… I see. Well if we chose not to use them at all can we avoid them? If you recall (it has been a while back so I don’t blame you if you don’t), MetaEffectors were the primary reason I sold my MA. Are the weights stored in the objects? I guess changing the point-order is not a huge concern for me since I’ll likely be transferring MDD data back and forth to Lightwave in my workflow. So I’ll already be avoiding changes to point orders.

Cool… Looking forward to seeing how that turns out.


No. Thats lightwave think. :slight_smile: Nothing is stored on the objects. Not even materials and textures.


What about avoiding MetaEffectors altogether? Is that now possible?


Sure if you want. There is a “volume” weight paint and a surface weight pant. Left click paints. . . right click erases. Its very intuitive.


Hey, just wanted to correct one thing: smartskin is in prototype stage, it’s not in v4. And I am not sure if it’ll be included in messiah or sold separately by useful slug.


Two new feature videos. I’ll post them here as I think fori’s still too busy sending out licence keys to update the website :slight_smile:


Not to sound grateful but can we get some videos of the features that are brand new:

Lattices and cage? or how to apply the new dynamics to objects maybe.