I guess someone like Ulven or Wegg will tell You more but in the meantime…

taaadaaa http://www.projectmessiah.com/



Pretty exciting! Finally here…let the playing with new toys begin!



Thanks for the heads up! Went there and paid my monies for the upgrade to 4 Pro.
There are a few, new for Messiah 4 videos also posted there.


How exciting! Looks great. So is the walker plugin now included?


So weight painting in only in pro.


well i’ll bite before the 30 day special ends


I hope there will be demo :slight_smile:


No, the walker plugin is still sold seperately by us. We did however collaborate on the coding of a huge number of the features, and we included the autorig plugin for free.


Thanks Ulven.


When will there be a full feature list or where can we find one with all the improvements, additions and changes listed for 4?



I’m a Modo 302 user and have a few questions on Messiah 4 and Modo.
I have noticed in the Modo to Messiah video that Messiah appears to have the same color and background schema, was that a mockup for the video?
In the same video Messiah can import/export a Lxo file. Does this mean that I will be able the import a camera or lights with their same position/rotation from either programs.

Could you please do a few more quick over view videos, demoing these new features on new hair tools/ Dynamics, Particle Collision Dynamics, New Bone Weighting Options, Translucency Scatter,
Cage Deformer, Improved Dynamics & Softbody.



No. There IS a theme in Messiah that mimic’s Modo’s interface colors.

When I tested it. . . it just imports models. But it does support Modo’s native morphs which is cool.

We are working on a bunch of videos. SetupTab has a bunch of free previews in its store that should give you an idea of what its like to use Messiah. Much more to come.


Thanks Wegg,

I posted a few tutorial suggestions at setuptab.com.

Btw, Messiah 4 looks to be mind blowing for us Modo users. :slight_smile:


Cool! We like new users. :slight_smile:


So when exactly does this $599 deal end? And will there be a demo of V4 before the deal ends?




The deal ends when Fori decides to end it or give it some time limit. I would guess that you’re at safe to buy it at that price for the month that the specified time limit ones have.

For all of you
The general list of new shiny stuff in v4:

*AutoRig2 - a really flexible, fast, editable autorigger

*Point Animation - Use sculpting techniques to animate your characters right on top of your normal rig!

*Improved Dynamics & Softbody - So fast it’s realtime in many scenes, the improved collision detection is great.

*Keyframe Productivity Tools - Improved animation workflow, quick breakdown slider and much more.

*Rig scene referencing - Automatically propagate all the rig changes, to your animator’s scene files!

*Pose System - Store and load poses with the click of a button

*Cage Deformer - this is the shits. volume preservation deformation

*Lattice Deformer - Regular lattice deformation

*Weight Painting - For those of you who absolutely want to paint those weights.

*New Bone Weighting Options - To help you use different ways of working with weights.

*Particle Collision Dynamics - Bang them into eachother.

*Better, Faster, Cleaner Global Illumination - Really good, really fast, really clean, really global

*Translucency Scatter - Lovely scattering of global illumination in translucency.

*Ultra-Super Improved Hair - Hair dynamics. long hair, you name it.

*Stereoscopic viewport - Animate your 3d… in 3D!

*New Licensing System - Licence it to your thumb drive, your dongle, your chewing gum.


Bought (or better updated)! :slight_smile:

The Inflater



Updated mine !! Can’t wait to put my hand on it.
Seems a lot of work done in this version. That’s a big update and I am happy to pay for it, then don’t worry please add more and more features. I am always glad to pay if you bring many features as you did for this version. (so version 5 for the end of the year ? :slight_smile:


I don’t have my version yet, but is it possible to mirror weigthmap ?

  • Is pointoven working with this version ?


The point animation sounds like anisculpt from blender. I’m not sure how to use that though, since all of the tutorials are in spanish.

Any examples of each of these updates? Or is that a WIP for you?

Also did you guys increase the amount of developers working for the company.