Top 10 Entries


In no particular order below are our top ten entries.
The final 8 will be decided and announced this week along with winning positions and prizes.
If you didn’t make it this time we are already busy working on the next to keep the chances
coming so make sure to stay tuned and drawing! Huge thanks to everyone for participating and
for all the kindness and help towards each other throughout the challenge.

Beatrix Papp
Lammakian Samsenesena
Akos Haszon
Chantelle Walker
Pawel Borowiec
Makhosethu Khosi Sibanda


Cogratulations everyone!


Thank you for information, Travis!
Congratulations to everyone!


Thanks for keeping us updated! Congratulations to everyone!


Congratulations to all the finalists.


Thank you for information, Travis!
It was good to be in this team!
Congratulations to everyone!


Whaaat? I agree with all the people in the list and I’m very surprised to already have made it this far! Thank you guys for the support and I can’t wait for the next challenge :smiley: You all made such amazing work, I wouldn’t want to be one of the judges.

Thank you Wacom and CGsociety for creating this event! :slight_smile:


Congratulations everyone! Great show of art :slight_smile:


Yay!! Congrats! :smiley:


Woohoo! Congrats everyone.


thanks and congratulations for the fellow artists ! cant wait to next announcement


Thank you and Congrats to everyone!! :smiley:


Congratulations to everybody ! :thumbsup:
Thanks for the update, Travis !


_Congratulations to all _``~…


We will have the placement and prizes soon and will be contacting you for delivery! Congrats everyone


Cool! thank you :smiley:


Nice work everyone, congrats to the winners!


WOW! Final 10. This is such an amazing news for me :smiley: The best reward for an artist is when somebody appreciate your work! Congrats to everyone who gets fun with this challenge.


Wacom is going to make a formal announcement and we’re waiting for prize finalization before releasing a newsletter. The newsletter will formally announce the winners and we’ll be featuring them on our homepage. Thank you everyone for your participation. Congratulations to the winners!


Hey guys ,why the delay on the official announcement of contest winners from Wacom? I got one of the second places from Wacom
would like to know from everybody tough, and see some promotion of the works.