Too low texture resolution in Mari 3


Hi, I’m trying to project an image over a mesh but the resolution becomes very bad. The pixles looks really big and I cant understand why. My texture image has the resolution: 5251x4916px,32bit, the mesh contains 1.5 million faces. Changing the UV-patch size from 4096x4096 to 8192x8192 gave no effect on the resolution. Maybe there are some other settings to be changed in Mari.

I know that Mari has a LOD system and the viewport doesn’t always visualizes the texture in the betst reolution but this looks terrible, also the exported UV-map looks bad.

Mesh, UV-patch, Original texture-image


Hi, i encountered a similar problem when

  1. My UV maps (from the model) were warped (stretched)
  2. The texture itself was itself pretty low resolution

Maybe you can see if any of the above apply to you.


What is the maximum resolution of texture display in the viewport?

When you export those textures are they higher res or still as pixelated?



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Can be a number of things.

What paint buffer size do you use when projecting
how does the uv layout look like? is it optimized.

you said your patcg size was 4096?