Toggle tools hotkey issue Mari 4.1


Hi all,

in Mari 4 and 4.1 I can’t toggle the eyedropper while painting, if I press C it switches to the eyedropper tool, so I have to press P again …
Never had this behaviour with Mari 3, it works fine.
I just realised that I can’t toggle any tool …they just switch as I press the respective hotkey

I am using the non-commercial versions on a laptop Asus ROG G752VY and Windows 10

Does anyone have this same behaviour ?
Is there something in the preferences that I’m missing ?



you can try
Toggle On Key Held in preference


Hi Peter! I take the chance to thank you for all your videos, they are great!

I just found that the toggle function works, but it is extremely slow … meaning I have to press and hold for 3 or 4 seconds.
Do you have the same behaviour with your machine ?
It could be something on my laptop, this win10 home keeps updating, I had to reinstall Maya and Arnold the other day, plus I have an old Intuos4 even if the drivers are updated.

I’ll check the preference.


Yeah i remeber this from the beta that it was slow. I think thats why they changed behaviour. Will investigate more on my end as well. Do go to Foundry and complain

hey thanks Im happy to help out


Ah … I get it, they put that option in the preferences to get kind of the same behaviour as in Mari 3 … mmmh
I put the same post on the Foundry website but noone replied yet.


haha ok I see,