Toggle hyperShade Window hotkey


like in 3d Studio max, opening material editor with a hotkey M is really useful. so why not in maya?

this script i “searched and combined”(I didn’t made it entirely) is absolutely works on maya 2014. I just want to help the people who search for this.

here it is;

open hotkey editor,select window. on the right side click “new”. give name and description as you need. paste this to the command box;


if ( window -exists hyperShadePanel1Window )

deleteUI -window hyperShadePanel1Window;


tearOffPanel “Hypershade” “hyperShadePanel” true;


click accept and then go to assign new hotkey panel in the hotkey editor and assign a key as you desire.


Any mel script to toggle hypershade when docked ? I works only in floating panel.


unfortunately your request is out of my knowledge limits