Time trap, LIOR ARDITI (2D)


Nice piece,



I really got to hand it to you, though I can’t quite put my finger on what I like about this piece, I have to say, it’s a very unique piece of work here that’s really ahead of it’s time.
I’m gonna be on the watch for more of your stuff. Congrats!


Fantastic image in both concept and execution, a well-deserved plug! Welcome to CGTalk, keep posting such wonderful work.



One of the best images I’ve had the pleasure of coming across here (or anywhere for that matter).

Excellent concept, compostion, colors, lighting, style, etc… everything is top notch! :thumbsup:


that is extremely weird :argh:

But Man it’s very Cool too, Great work I love it :applause:


Congrats M8 !
About time ya put it in here :slight_smile:


very cool piece of work there m8~!

it’s creepy thou :S

going into my collection… thanks for sharing and welcome to cgtalk :wink:


Wow, I didn’t expect to get so many good comments… it gives me a good boost for the next one.
just wanted to share with you some of the WIP: it all started as a sketch of a creature all made by hands parts.I thought it will be cool to animate all his “face” expression using only a hand gestures.
After a while came up a challenge on CGTALK Israel, under the title: “a conflict”.I wanted the work to talk about greed, and the price you might pay for it. first I wanted the trapto contain a piece of jewelry but then I came up the wristwatch idea, which is more related for a hand.
So thanks again people, and also to the guys at home at CGTALK.IL, for all the useful comments along the way.


*really, i love the idea:bounce::thumbsup:


Your WIP images reminded me of the cartoons by Kurt Halbritter… I had this book as a child, I wonder if you did, too?



Impeccable! Very Alice in Wonderland! I love it!


really berilliant idea:thumbsup:. i like it so much.


wow… really looks great!
i like it ! 5*****


Hello Alona,
Most amazing thing just happened to me. when I looked at your post I asked: Kurt who?
but when I opened the link I got strong flashback:
when I was 10 years old or so, I recall I did have the guy book! and that I liked him a lot.
I think he also had some cartoons about all kind of weapons. which was even better…
any way, I guess his images were in back of my mind all the time.
Now I must have his books once again, so my baby boy :bounce: will enjoy them as well.


I remember I liked this work very much when i first saw it on the contest
but now it looks even better!! fantastic work Lior! :bounce:


Very nice work !!


Heh Heh :slight_smile: I was about the same age I think. Looks like this book was quite popular in our little country, and if I remember correctly not all of it was totally suitable for little boys… :twisted::rolleyes:

I’m glad I helped you remember it. And once again let me commend you on a very, very original piece. This is brilliant work.



Wow Lior - Very high quality!
I’m in awe.


Great work, avoda meula! Do you happen to have any tutorials?


Very good job!! Concept is very cool nd nice color schemes nd details. Keep it up:thumbsup: