Time trap, LIOR ARDITI (2D)


Title: Time trap
Country: Israel
Software: FreeHand, Photoshop

Hello guys

I am new out here… and that is my first post at the gallery.
The work was done using Photoshop CS2, and Freehand MX for the trees mechanism.
this work was drawn originally for the Israeli CGTALK challenge. after it was published, I’ve put some
hard work in order to bring the drawing to higher level of details, and here it is. hope you’ll like it.


hello, and wellcome to cgtalk! ypu have a wonderfull picture here, and i see you are very skillfull at painting!! and an interesting creatuer! i love it :smiley:


very fun pic nice mood 3*:thumbsup:


nice ambience…i like the atmosphere and the color…great work:thumbsup:


haha ~I like this picture~It is a fantasy work!~the colours are very nice too~good job,so ****4staaars from me~keep it up :bounce: :bounce:


nice work, good point :thumbsup:


Very nice concept!!! :applause:


That’s fantastic! 4 stars, and you’re goin’ on my favorite’s list 'cause I can’t wait to see what you do next. Keep it up.


Very humorous and beautifully executed. Welcome to CG Talk.


Great concept! I like the trees and the creature idea, though i think the painting could use some fine tuning…Some parts of it on the side, namely the creatures on the left side still have that fuzzy blended look…Great work tho!


Very amusing concept. I love the little creatures waiting, although there is a disconect in the rendering of the creatures and the “hand guy” it all makes sense in a weird way. I love this image!


I can see the future… OUCH!:scream: well-done and welcome!!:thumbsup:


Thanks everybody for the warm welcome.
It’s a pleasure to be surrounded with so many talented people.
since it is my first concepet art I do in such a hi-rez level, I am still looking for the right blending techniques.
maybe that is why there is a slight feeling of rendering differences.

all the best,


Wow! Very nice I love it! :slight_smile: Thats a very interesting concept, plus the very fine details make this a great composition. The lighting is wonderful, you did a great job on it. Im still looking around it looking for those little creatures, they are hiding everywhere hehe


Hehe, very creative. What an odd concept. Wish I could wear a watch around my neck. :smiley:


Wow! Excellent idea, both with the hand-man, and the ‘time trap’ concept.

Superbly executed too - very nice atmosphere and colours.


you have created fantastic pic, concept and tech and the atmosphere is breathtaking :eek:
5 * from me :applause:



Thank you for my new desktop image, I needed one.
I love the design, the posing in great too, the silhouette of the character gives you a lizard like feel and makes it believable.
Color scheme works wonderful, I love your lighting abilities :wink:




Hi Lior,

Beautiful work!

Great style and concept , and the execution is absolutely stunning!

Great to see you here :slight_smile:

(5* from me too)


Wonderful work, man. It shows a very unordinary way of thinking and great imagination. Hope to see more from you.