Time Editor/Animation Layer/Copy Paste Keyframes bug



  1. Create a CUBE.
  2. Animate the rotation of the CUBE at frame 5 and frame 10.
  3. Create a clip in the time editor for this CUBE.
  4. Do “CLIP > CREATE ADDITIVE” for the rotation of the cube.
  5. Set some rotation keyframes at frame 5 in this new ADDITIVE ANIMATION CLIP.
  6. Now COPY the keys in the GRAPH EDITOR for this ADDITIVE CLIP from frame 5 and try to paste them at frame 7 in the Graph Editor.

They will not be pasted at the current time. There is an offset. I am seeing a 5 frame offset. As in the same 5 in the step 2 above.

If you turn off “CLIP TIME” in the Graph Editor, then you can paste keys where the current timebar is in the Graph editor. But then the keys are not aligned with the displayed timeline ticks . So frame 5 is frame 0…

is this a bug? Is this a known bug?

What the hell is wrong with this program. Nothing works in any part of this program. And they expect people to pay subscription to stay on support? What for?

I personally don’t want to hear that the developers will fix it for the next version. I want this to work now. Because I have to use this version of Maya and it is not up to me to upgrade when the new version come out.

So how stupid was I thinking that I was going to rely on the new AUTODESK MAYA TIME EDITOR to get anything professional done… I am fuming. Again…