Tim Winkelman's Daily Sketchbook: (From: CGTalk Daily Sketch Forum )


40 min in Painter

Mostly trying to play with the Watercolor and Digital Watercolor brushes here and having problems because they can lag pretty badly if I make them as large as I wanted to. Finished up with a Gouache brush.


20 Min in Manga Studio

Just a quick sketch of bees here. I was trying the classic pen stylus and I find that I like it a lot better than the grip pen. It is more accurate and feels more like a real pencil.


50 min in Painter X

Trying to a digital pencil sketch of the Creature from the Black Lagoon using the Colored Pencil brushes. This was a little wierd for me because I am used to shading with a pencil, and these brushes stayed the same shade of gray no matter how hard I pressed. I am going to try some of the regular pencil brushes to see if they work more like pencils.


55 min in Painter X

Boris Karloff as the Mummy. Mostly playng around with the airbrushes and lasso tool here.


About an hour in Painter X

I tried to imagine an alien from the movies taking over a tree instead of humans. I don’t think this one is very successful, it was mostly a struggle with some unfamiliar tools. I was also trying to work by starting with mostly monochromatic color. I don’t think that works for me. I will be going back to doing a grayscale image and then coloring it.


About 40 min in Painter X


55 min in Painter X

Another hour and 15 minutes for color

Color is mostly Watercolor and Digital Airbrush painted on top of an image that is a blend of the grayscale and a copy of the grayscale with sepia browns gradient applied. I spent a lot of coloring time cleaning up my sloppy oversprays and trying to figure out how to make the watercolor brushes do what I wanted them to do.


About 50 min in Painter X

I haven’t done any digital drawing for a long time and it really felt like it was fighting me. Mostly the chalk brushes and digital airbrush used here.


About 50 min in Painter X

Chalk brushes with a few different background textures for the grayscale image. Color on top with digital watercolor, digital airbrush and fine detail airbrush.


A page where I am testimg out some brush pens and fountain pens:

Copying some panels from Batman and Green Lantern with the brush pens:

A page from my life drawing sketchbook.  I think this pose was about 15 or 20 minutes:


30 min in Painter 12
Two Elder Scrolls characters fighting each other. I just got Painter 12 in the Black Friday sale. I haven’t done any digital drawing for a long time and I was really struggling here. This is mostly digital airbrush with fractal gel brush for the background.


about 35 min in Painter 12
Mostly using the charcoal and conte crayon brushes with some digital airbrush and the fractal gel brush for texture. Also, some use of lasso tool and screen and multiply layer modes

This four faced freak is a cherub seen by the prophet Ezekiel. This was inspired by “Chariots of the Gods” and some other ancient astronaut stuff I’ve been looking at for a comic book project.