Tim Winkelman's Daily Sketchbook: (From: CGTalk Daily Sketch Forum )


Here is the first post for my daily sketches with the scorecard:


Here are some of the first sketches I did in this forum:

1724 - concept art: Space Zoo

This was done in Painter, mainly with the charcoal brushes and then some digital watercolor om top.

1730 - Vertigo

Done in Painter with the scratchboard tool and flat color pen. It’s Dr. Seuss on a unicycle.

The next 3 are test drawings for Manga Studio:

1732 - The Charge

1733 - Virus

1734 - Secret Wedding


1735 - The Bill 45 min in Manga Studio

It’s a mallard duck. Playing around with the Airbrushes and blur tools in Manga Studio here, just to see what they can do. I don’t think I will ever really use this program to do anything in color.

1738 - The Lost Soul 45 min in Manga Studio

Getting some practice with the pen tools in Manga Studio because that is what I need to do. Plastic model kit skull used as a reference.


Painter 45 min.

Mostly playing with the airbrush.


Famous bad man Stagolee with a brand new stetson hat.

About 35 min in Painter. I drew this in gray and then spent a little extra time with image adjustments to get the sepia tone photo effect.


50 min in Painter X.1


About 25 mins in Painter X.1 using the Artist’s Oils brushes. I think I proved that I can make the same kind of muddy mess on the computer that I can with real oil paints.


About 35 min in Painter X.1 using the Acrylic brushes.


About 45 min in Painter X.1.

Going all the way back to the battle of Jericho here. I guess we can call this mess a learning experience because it was mostly an unsuccessful attempt to use some brushes I don’t normally use. Started with the guache brushes and had trouble because the opaque paint wanted to completely cover my sketch lines and most of the guache brushes lag so bad they are unusable. Then I tried digital watercolor and it was smearing the brown sketch lines all over. Finally, I just gave up and finished coloring with the digital airbrush.

This whole thing probably would have worked better if the line drawing layer was kept on top, but I don’t think I want to work that way for these kind of quick sketches. Maybe it would be better for a longer painting.


30 min in Painter X.1 using the chalk brushes. Another experiment with unfamiliar brushes I can’t control that might not be very good for quick sketching.


40 min in X.1 using the Acrylic brushes. So far, these are some of my favorite brushes in Painter. Getting psychedelic here with Grace Slick and the Jefferson Airplane. We built this city on Rock and Roll!

I’m not completely happy with the paint on the figure here. I used the wet brushes too much because the transparent paint wouldn’t hide all my sketch lines. More bold strokes with opaque paint would have been better. In future sketches, I think I will keep a copy of the sketch lines on the top layer so I can paint more aggresively without worrying about losing anything.


About 50 min in Manga Studio EX 4. I tried to incorporate a bunch of weird japanese stuff into this drawing.

This was a test of drawing in color in Manga Studio. It is really better for black and white ink lines. I think that black lines would have helped this drawing, but I ran out of time while I was struggling with the color.


About 35 min in Painter X using the charcoal brushes. I think I like these a lot better than the chalk brushes I tried to use a few days ago. I’m not completely sure because I tried to go straight to color with the chalk and that usually doesn’t work for me because I get the values wrong and end up with not enough contrast. I drew this one in gray and then went over the top with a colorize layer and a few other layer types.


About 30 min in Painter X using the Conte brushes for the gray version:

Another 20 min for color:

I went over the top with the digital airbrush using a colorize layer to add color, a multiply layer for some darker colors and shadows and a screen layer to make it glow.

This drawing was inspired by Wolfenstein and a few other recent games where a character goes into an alternate reality dimension.


25 min in Painter X

Second attempt because the first was so terrible I started over. Lots of screen layers with the glow brush and digital airbrush. Scratchboard tool for flames.


50 min in Painter X

A pig cop from Duke Nukem. Trying out the Pastel brushes today and most of them weren’t working very well for me. I ended up doing most of this with the Artist Pastel Chalk and the Round X-Soft Pastel 30.


50 min in Painter X

This is based on the Taxi pinball table. Gorby wants a ride, but our driver is distracted by the woman in the red dress.

This is another learning experience where the drawing didn’t really go right. I decided to try out the Digital Watercolor brushes by using only those brushes for this picture. I can’t really recommend this approach because you are stuck with what you put on the page with no way to fix it. Trying to repaint problem areas only makes the colors darker or more intense and the mistakes stand out more. I kind of like Digital Watercolor and will probably use it again, but next time I will let myself use it with some other more opaque brushes that will let me repaint anything that isn’t right.


65 min in Painter X

Decided to go with a Swiss Army Wrench here. Colored Pencils on Pebble Board. This was my first time using these brushes and I was just beginning to figure out how to make them work at the end of the drawing. The light blue background may have been a poor choice because so much of it ended up showing through the other colors or blending into them. Something more neutral or darker probably would have been better. The course texture is really killing me here. It reminds me of doing chalk drawings on really rough pavement. Next time I use these brushes, it will be on different paper with a finer texture.


Around 45 min in Painter X

Drew this in gray with the Conte Brushes and then colored with Digital Airbrush.


30 min in Manga studio

Playing around with some different pens and rulers here because I need to use them in some upcoming projects.