Thread for testing posts


test edited


I really wanna be able to post so I can get in on challanges and contests, any reason for why I can’t post?

Scratch that, It got through now :slight_smile:


testing test test




test test test


test image post


rolling… i mean, testing :stuck_out_tongue:


testing testing 1 2 3 :thumbsup:


I posted a question but have no idea where it is and if anyones answered it yet. Maybe at least I can see if replaying works




Test Test Test Test


Just testing if this will be visible or I have to wait ages again to get Moderators say:
Oh well OK, this guy was here for 6 years now, he was even a CGSMember. He wrote a couple emails about asking why his posts recently are getting visible only two days after he has posted them, but we didn’t really have time to overview them. Anyways, this test is absolutely harmless, and we can actually approve it. Click.
Anyone reading this - being it an OP or not - am I missing here something?


testytest, this is just a simple test to see if all that Paul did is actually working :wink:


test test!!




Testing an image post


just testing:
Here some Close Up Shots:


testing post again! testing


test test test test