Thread for testing posts


Testing, test, just like everyone else.
Can anyone let me know how to upload images of WIPS and how to get my Dominance War IV entry into the forums? or direct to me to where I can learn this.

I did two posts yesterday so I think that should allow me to upload images now, right?


Can anyone tell me how to edit my avatar? When i get to my edit avatar page, “Do not use avatar” is already checked. I tried hitting the reset fields button. But nothing is happening.

I didn’t find a place to clear my doubts and i reached here. I wonder if someone can help me out… Thank you :slight_smile:


Been years since I posted - testing testing


Testing testing.


test test test :smiley:


trying to get an image test test


Sorry I was testing something


good idea this is image


another test


new try image good test


test test test


test test! yep my brain works! looks like! :blush:


hello i am testing all the options

please have a look at my web site

testmy mail

my entry for secret agent video challenge


This is posting number one.


Second Posting test.



Posting to test


second post test to be able to post and on other forums…tdj


test, pls ignore




testing image