Thralia, Chris Walker (3D)


Title: Thralia

Name: Dr Zenith

Country: United Kingdom

Software: 3ds max Photoshop VRay

Submitted: 27th July 2007

Thralia, modelled in 3ds max, rendered in V-ray, textured in Photoshop :slight_smile:


No comments?! This is an awesome piece! I loooove the hair.

My ONLY crit is the boots seem too stiff. I think you should either remove the wrinkles and make them entirely stiff, or add more detail to make the boots much more loose fitting.


nice character
i like it…


A pretty fairy.The hair looks nice,her face is lively.Maybe her cloths and boots have a bit stiff.
Good work.:slight_smile:


this is really good job you did mate …

i give you my 3 stars but for this hair you deserve 4 from me :slight_smile: .

brother i have got a quesion can we see wire frame from this hair or u can tell us how u make it , i am sure it will help me alot



I lurve the hair


It soooo beautifull! I love her. Cutest fairy ever :love:


Hi guys, thanks for the kind words :slight_smile:

Here’s another render.

This is a screen of the hair wire, I think there’s about 5000 hairs on this screen, but about 15000 in the render. Ornatrix rules. :slight_smile:

And here’s a screenshot of the facial rig I used. Like I said before, doing a facial rig like this is such a good skill to learn, and is much easier than doing morpher.

Thanks again.


Very nice :thumbsup:


Amazing!!! i realy like this cartoon style…congratulations!!!


just one word MARVELLOUS…
i love it, wonderfull… impressive composition i like that…
very good textures and lighting… it has crazy hair i like it…

congratulations my friend 5*from me…
good days…:slight_smile:


good work.

I like the hair too and the facial expression.

the anatomy on the arms and legs could do with a bit of tweaking. And the boot look too stiff as has been mentioned. The background is also a bit plain. Personally i think theres too much green going on and the colors are clashing. Maybe you could try a different color for the background.

Otherwise cool work chris!


very well done Chris! I like her hairs!

I think Legs and hands need more time to work!:slight_smile:
overall it is good!


Good to see the wire and bones dude, the facial rig looks like you have alot of control!

Gonna have to have a play with Ornatrix and facial bones!

Loving her shes great! Wicked work!


wow i really like it! She looks so friendly! Very nice work and texturing too!


fantastic :wink:


Hi Chris,

you do a good model for me… very interesting the way for rigging face… I love your model…

See you on renderosity…




nice, I like the color theme, the hair and the sock, it feels so soft.


Nice job Walker. I specially like the face and the Hair that you made. Congrats man.


…hey its a great work i love the texturing and rendering …just one comment if u dont mind …the left hand of the character near the elbow i think its not bended properly it looks odd ther …but everything is fine …sorry if had hurt u…I love the model its grt keep it up nad visit my protfolio also and send me a feed back …