Those 5 plugins you'd never live without!

  • CV Clean Mode
  • CV-OM Tools
    • CV-Randomize Object Colors
    • CV-Localize Material / Texture Tag
    • CV-Select Similar Objects
    • CV-Sort Objects Alphabetically
  • CV-Splines to Objects
    • CV-Chamfer
    • CV-Outline
  • CV-Convert to PBR Material
  • CV-Import Image As
    • CV-Import Image As Plane

But of course, I’m a bit biased. I developed a lot of the CV tools based on issues I was having with my own workflow, and they’re easy for me to download and install at once thanks to CV-Toolbox.


Jenna! You still use Jenna? What version of C4D does it work with?

For those who don’t know Jenna was Mograph before Mograph


For me…

Drop to floor
DEM Earth
CV Toolbox

A few other I find useful on a regular basis:
Perfect split
Uniform Resizer
ArrowMaker (via Insydium Bridge)