This might be of interest: (storyboard help)


Here are some of the assets we have gathered so far:
Model by Tina Marie Lane (team)

Model by Mike Hanson

I am launching a challenge that needs storyboards based
on the Queen of the Rocketmen Challenge:

For those who wish to do storyboards here is the link:
NTL STORYBOARDS “Queen of the Rocketmen” (fixed)



Imagine you have been comissioned to do video games based on the aviation world of the 1930
A world of danger advanture, air pirates, zepellins and crazy air machines… (similar to the Indiana Jones universe, but where Jet packs, giant air machines and robot hechmen are a reality)

Join us as the Queen of the Rocketmen and her band of merry men fight the evil air pirates in the air above the South Pacific.

Color palette: Good Guys (Light browm, Gold)

Bad guys (Black, dark blue, Purple Silver)

[li][/li][li][/li][li][/li][li][/li][li][/li][/ul]Here are more clips for inspiration:
[li][/li][li]…feature=related[/li][/ul]and the real deal:


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