This forum is almost dead - any idea why ?


When this forum started back in 2005, then we had around 500 posts per year, but since then it constantly dropped, and since 3 years number of posts if far below 100. (20 posts this year)

Have Vue users moved elsewhere ?
Are you still using Vue ?


I moved back to terragen… or I just stay inside Maya


My guess is less users are being impressed by what you can do with Vue.

In 2005 the quality of environment rendered with Vue was very much acceptable and it was probably even very awesome but now in 2014 when you compare it with what quality you can achieve lately with renderers like Vray, MentalRay, Arnold…you can easily get discouraged…especially when it’s about the new users.
With Vue the quality of natural environment since 2005 did not improved that much. Sure, Vue got a bunch of nice features but over all when looking what people did in 2005 and what people are doing today in 2014 you can’t really(!) tell there is that much of a difference.

With Vue today which is specialized in natural environments you would expect huge free(!)library of great looking plants and other natural assets to populate your world but instead we have always the same few super old crappy looking ones. Making terrains that looks really great without relying on external help like World Machine to make nice erosion or Helios plugin for atmosphere effects (clouds) and at the end render it all to look nice or at least acceptable by today CG standards without that famous Vue somehow always cheap digital look.

On top of all that there are very few artists who are really good with Vue, that will spark an interest for now users and not to mention it has reputation of being really unstable and not reliable software.

When you all sums it up you get less and less people using it for fun. Even though the Vue is rather easy piece of software to learn, to get decent quality out of it the learning curve goes almost at 90 degrees up and even if you make something decent looking, to make it look great and realistic it’s impossible without some heavy editing in photoshop that goes way above simple color correction and touch-ups here and there.

I like Vue but looking at it now it could be so much more but…


Well, although some of the criticism is certainly justified, we also have to accept that this forum section here is simply not very active and there are other places where people are posting artwork done in Vue on a daily base, such as
or the vue galleries groups on social networks an so on. Not every software is well represented on CGtalk :shrug:


Christian, I have checked the figures on both Cornucopia3D and e-on software website forums and it looks like this :

So it seems that Vue community is eroding not just on CGSociety - maybe everybody moved on Facebook :wink: But if on facebook, are they still using Vue ? Or just posting their selfies :wink:


Ok, you beat me with the numbers :thumbsup:

And yes, on Facebook they do post new Vue-rendered images every day, but it is always the same dozen or so people…


I dropped it with the licensing shenanigans. It tipped me over the edge. I was already pretty down on them booby-trapping xStream so that it wouldn’t run if :

  • your application host version was different to what they had hard-coded into Vue
  • your OS was newer than they cared to support
  • it was the wrong phase of the month
  • it didn’t like your hairstyle

I’ve paid for the software. Let me use it. If I hit trouble, it’s on me.

I wish I could grab one of their executives and ask them, in strong terms, to stop being stupid.


I just found this forum, however there is a large community of active Vue artists on Rendo, DAZ and IClone sites. Its nice to find another. I just upgraded from Vue Complete to Infinite 2014.5 and see a nice difference in render quality and improved UI. It is a .5 version newer than my Complete. I am a hobbyist user with a growing interest in CG. Of all the hobby 3d rendering apps I have tried, Vue is by far the best and worth every dime, so I would like to share what I think of Vue and how to I use it.
I have been a user since Vue 9 Esprit and every year find more neat things I to do with Vue. I am still learning but found Vue for the most part rock solid stable and really capable. I tend to like model and render bit on the toon side - and and for this its great. I use Vue many ways in my project pipelines: Creating and exporting game assets: create sky boxes, terrains, and cut scene sequences. Examples of my Vue use are throughout website I also like to render animations with Vue and its excellent. Its got a solid keyframe editor. I also now model with Plant Factory and have been able to create some really nice HD closeup quality plants. I have done some realism renders too, and while it takes effort its far easier to accomplish with Vue. Vue’s lighting and material options are excellent and intuitive to apply. I would rate Vue as #1 in overall balance in capability, stability and ease of use in the hobbyist market. Where it stands against pro software I am unqualified to comment. These are the consumer oriented rendering apps my experience and opinion is based on: Blender, Messiah3d, Truespace, IClone, Poser, DS Studio, Carrara, and Bryce.

Vue Complete may not be the cheapest animation package for the consumer, but its definitely one of the most powerful and certainly the least frustrating to get quality results.


i think because of the Software.
Vue (xstream) is soo buggy as hell, who wants something?
No Support (Bugfix) and its expansive also

The Renderengine is slow too…


Vue can maybe a lot, but its absolutly not stability!


I also think they did terribly wrong move with investing in particle system features which probably took a lot of time (and money) while other parts are screaming for overhaul.
Just look at what Quadspinner guys are doing including for World Machine. That should have been all done in Vue instead!


And then they make it so their current version is incompatible with the new Mac OS. I’ve spent thousands of dollars on VUE over the years, and now I can’t use it with my operating system? Garbage.


All of the CG Forums are hurting for participation…WHY…Animation Jobs are scarce, cost of software is too high for the few times you use it, you get depressed seeing the work of others compared to yours…yikes…imagine competing with that person for that scarce job. hahahaaha


Everyone who is going to buy Vue has bought it by now pretty much. It’s just a matter of users having the patience to put up with how E-on treats them, whether they’ll continue to stay current with their Vue.

I’m still on version 9.5 because it had the least bugs of all the versions. E-on has a knack for adding new features to Vue that take a few versions to get working as advertised. By then customers are on to them.

Add to that the fact that people use forums less and less now.


I use Vue often. Matter of fact I create a lot of video tutorials for people who don’t know how to use it.

I have a lot of people who watch my youtube videos on how to use Vue.

A lot of people may be going in different directions, but many still use Vue. :slight_smile: