Thinking Particles


hi all,

im kind a new to TP,
this time I would like to birth from multiple helpers(such as dummies.)
so far as I know there is a ‘Node’ which could add helper in it ,
but how could I add many dummies for the birth points?

any suggestion ? :wink:



group them and import in Node using H key(not picking from viewport)


hi 3ak ,
thanks for the reply ,
does that mean if i have 5 dummies, all i have to do is group them ,
and use ‘Node’ pick the group i set ?

my tree is like , Node -> position born
like position data of each dummies , and born from them.
but the result was not what I expect for.



lol, it actually works, didnt know that trick, thanks:)


becouse u connect the node position, in that case its a gizmo of that group u created, if u want to work it with group the only way i think is to use
node -> surface or volume position -> postion born -> position operator


if you want to spawn particles from surfaces of the objects then you can’t use helpers (they don’t have renderable geometry). Just use boxes instead.

If you want to spawn particles from pivot points of the bunch of dummies, then you don’t need to group them. Use something like that:

where counter in my example counts from 0 to 2 (IDs of my three dummies) and have Loop from start mode.


hi 3ak ,
thats exactly what I want! :slight_smile:
really appreciate your detail reply
it really helpful !


hello, I am making a card castle in the shape of the empire state building, and I would like that after a while these cards take the form of another building, I’m doing it with particle object node. What can I do to make the cards in the first building go to their new positions in the second building?

Thank you.


Hi every one
i choose geometry as particles Instance shape with “GeomInstance” node
and add this geometry to “Param block” node to affecting modifier value by FLOAT
but Its affect all particle at time…Can it affect this value for each particles?
or Param block is not per particles node??
and is there are any other way for doing that??


Hi guys.
A need to emit particles from surface (quad) - then folow a spline trajectory and have a smooth transition from squad begin to uniform (circle) flow, and have ability to control a thin of a flow with a curve.
A made this setup (there some misunderstandings for me, it do the task of the smooth transition to spline from emitter), but i cant make control the thickness of the flow. I think my setup have some mistakes.


i think it’s becouse u use BringTo Node,
u can create some additional particles with offset from the spline and use their position as a bring2, or can try playing with path follow in relative mode, or u can use hristo’s tornado setup as a base and tweak it, i think it would work best:)



I have a small question for you… Is it possible to extract from the new helper “Object” nodes the number of object in the list??? (script node maybe???) I want to plug this number in a iterator… Now I have to manually change the number in the iterator. Should be cool to automatize the process…


I have a two group of particles.
Lets say “A” and “B”

A has particle 1, 2, 3, 4.
B has particle 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

I want to set reference for each particle in group A to a random article in B.
Like this

1 -> 9
2 -> 7
3 -> 10
4 -> 6

I can not figure out how I can select a particle in a group.




PPassAB, Memory and Random


Hello everyone ^^

I have a problem that i can’t find out how to solve properly…

I have a global group with sub groups like this…

  • Global group

I need to run a PSearch to find out the furthest particle in “global group” but in there I have the red group that i dont want to be checked by the PSearch.
The problem comes when I need to have the red group into the global group…

Lets say in other words that i want to exclude a group of the subtree of the PSearch ( The red in this case )

Anybody knows how to proceed?
Thanks in advantage!! :wink:



i d like to create a smooth transition between two different velocities in x frames. Let’s say i have a particle with a velocity of 0,0,1. After 25 Frames i want it to move to the position of a point helper. So i create a velocity op with the point helpers position piped into the vel position. The Velocity is set to replace. The particle will of course head to the new position with a sharp turn and no transition. I tried the vtransition blackbox but couldnt get it to work.
So how can i blend between these to vel in x frames.

Thx in advance !


Two things:

General blending between values ‘a’ and ‘b’ driven by ‘blend’ (0-1 float) is


But in your case it would probably not work, because you also need a bend in the trajectory. The easy way to do this is with a lead particle that does not do any blending, just sharp turns, and a follow particle, that is referencing the lead one and is following it with a BringTo, for example.


thx for the instant reply! I tried to avoid the bring to method cause i thought it would be slow, but it is ok. That ll work, thx


I found this reply… I believe like you it’s better to use an instanced shape for the emission but I’m curious about the Math and the vector (I need to learn a little bit more on that matter…I’m not good at all in math). How can I rotate the radial emission? If I need to add a rotation on the overall circular shape where can I add the rotation in the equation?

Thank you for your help.

  1. change “t” in equations. If it’s in degrees than you form your circle of particles using different “t” for every particle and then just add something to it - you’ll have rotation.
  2. pAttach particles to central one (from different group) and add spin to it.