THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX: What other uses do you guys see for the CGPORTFOLIO?


I’d like a feature whereby the artist could check a category under which each pic falls, so you could search by ‘genre’, such as

'landscape ’
‘character concepts.’

Or something like that…

Another thing is an ‘if you like this artist, you’ll love THIS one’ feature. It may be difficult to implement though.


I wish also we could add documents to our porfolios.

PDF Documents like contracts, resumes & shot lists.

Another cool thing it would be to be be able to add animations to the portfolios.



I like Kyena / Natascha’s original idea of adding a section where one can post their own tutorials and the like in a nice, organized fashion. As with the main forums, the issue of “Where can I find tutorials?” is going to pop up. My suggestion is to somehow give any Tutorial posted to a tutorial section some sort of automatic “tutorial” tag if possible and forcing the author of the tutorial to enter keywords / tags before they are able to submit / post their tutorials.




To add to that.

I would like to see at a quick glance how many tutorials this person has written.
And maybe some feedback on them (maybe with a star system).

I would also add a section called
"The Trophy Room" where a person can post how many awards he/ she has won.

For example:

John Jones:
1 Academy Award
3 CG Spotlight awards
1 Alias Student animation Awards



Dude, the Martian Manhunter really is good at everything.


I’d be in favor of an awards system whereby if someone writes a popular tutorial, they get free CGSociety membership, or a discount at the cgstore, or somesuch.

It’s a cool idea to collect that sort of metadata on the person… like, the most popular threads that they have started, their most popular art pieces, etc.


To add to that bonedaddy, I would create a point based system,
where a person can earn point by winning an award/ posting a tutorial.

The points can be used for discounts on certain products.




This is vital - Even if it is simply to distinguish between WIP and Final images.

EDIT: Actually it isn’t vital at all… I’m still relatively new to the site and didn’t realise you could link images to the WIP forums… kind of negates the need for a WIP section in the portfolio doesn’t it :D… and leave it for what its for… a …uhhhh portfolio :slight_smile:



<ubergeek> its johnz… </ubergeek>


Great idea!

and I like to have a gallery for unfinished works (WIP) and tutorials…


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