Thief 3D Animation Company


There is one compnay which is LeoRender CGI Studio. They send mail to architectıral office and offer doing animation. They are not giving response after taking money . just they are stealing money from people.

Klarissa Lipakova
Project Manager…She is in charge of from the process… Don’t do any payment to them… they are totally fake company…


Leo Render is a fake company.

  1. the projects on their website and Instagram are all stolen from other designers.

  2. the names of employees are all fake, the pictures of employees were stolen from other people’s social media accounts.

For example, Klarissa Lipakova doesn’t exist and pictures were stolen from Svetlana Aksyanova Instagram (cgsociety forum doesn’t allow to provide the link here)
Same about other “employees” !!

  1. the address and phone number on the website are also fake

  2. this company is illegal in Belarus



Leorender studio have scammed us as well, took payment and then didnt provide the render.
its apparent their images are also copied of other websites

Avoid at all costs.