Theoretical SUB-D



most are gone unfortunately, but there are still some good’uns left. it seems though that cutting detail into curvy surfaces (especially complex, non-uniform curves) is best left to nurbs to avoid bumps and other imperfections - what do you guys think? i mean, it is possible with subd but it takes a lot of tweaking and it never really looks ‘perfect’ (e.g. even that Fausto model has ‘bumpy’ legs - but maybe this was the desired effect).

in any case, i’m gonna be trying out MoI (nurbs) as i’ve heard nothing but praise for it and i’d like to see how that compares to subd.


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Wow, that’s the first time I’ve seen spam here in the forum but I guess it’s more common than I think…

About subds, which images do you need? Any technique in particular?


Some links that might help, cribbed from the Tech-Artists.Org wiki