The Third Option


For those who are interested in story development, I did some dwelling on what it take to create a good story. I’m in progress of developing a graphic novel, I tend to obsess over this on an ongoing basis. Last thing I want to do is spend a whack load of time on illustrating this book, if all I have is a wishy washy story.

I posted some discussion on my blog on something I came across termed “The Third Option” which talks much about characterization and plot.

I do find it quite odd that CG productions are release that seem to put little forward as good examples of script development considering the actual expense involved in the production process.

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There are countless books on screenwriting.

As a professional screenwriter I am cursed. The demands of the medium for economy and relevance are so stringent that I get pissed off when I read other media which meander around. If you want to learn how to construct a dramatic story you could do worse than look at books on screenwriting. Try the book ‘Story.’


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