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First off, great work with everything here at CGTalk. Really nice!

I’d like to see the software specific area reorganized.

3D Area (Maya, 3DS Max, Blender, Cinema 4D…),
The Sculpting area (ZBrush, Mudbox, etc),
Compositing Area (Nuke, Flame, After Effects…) and the
Editing area (Final Cut, Avid, Premiere…)

I’d like to see CGTalk as this kind of Meca for anything Post-Production.

It would also be really interesting to partner up with a more tradicional film-maker forum (directors, DP, Producers, writers, etc). Or Just create a new one :stuck_out_tongue:
We could get some juices flowing and maybe create interesting projects.

It would also be great if a INDUSTRY section could be created with listing of VFX Houses and the sorts.


Raise the character length cap on forum signatures.
150 characters is a bit pathetic since you can’t fit anything but single sentence -quotes there.

I would suggest instead that you put a limit on the amount of ROWS you can have in your signature: limit it to two. (OR just raise the cap to 250 characters)


Since there are no other threads in this section, I’ll assume it’s ok to post here.

When a work gets added to the CG choice galleries, it’d be really helpful and interesting to read a short explanation from the judges about what makes this work really stand out. I notice there have been few posted to that gallery, so some idea of the criteria used to judge them would be most illuminating.

Of course there’s always something undefinable about what makes a work really excellent, but the judges’ opinion would definitely be an interesting read. Oh, and I don’t mean to imply that the judges’ decisions are wrong, either; would just like to know how these things are valued.


On the profile editing page could the text input box be modified to be larger to better format and edit the information? it would be nice if it has similar function and scale to a regular forum post box though simply enlarging it to fill up a size similar to a normal box would be highly appreciated as well.


I would suggest replacing the Zbrush forum by a “3d painting programs” forum with Zbrush, 3D Coat and Sculptis as sub-forums.


“Digital Sculpting software” would be a more suitable name but I agree with you.


…i propose opening a wing for drawing & inking artists…

and a introduce yourself place.



Ty adding 3D-Coat to the program list.

Could we have a “3D-Coat” forum ?

The community is growing fast and to have an application-specific forum here will be great !

TY !!!


I’ve made some screenshots:

Can someone fix CODE|HTML|PHP wrapper layout?
If there shown 4 or more rows of text and one of them ‘extra long’ - vertical scrollbar appears, but there only 2 pixels hidden.

1 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

And if look precisely message area with such field slightly wider (user area, with avatar, slightly thinner) it’s caused by same bug.

Seems like inline style{

wrong calculated.

QUOTE style differs.

(You can look at it in thread)

WYSIWYG also out of border…

“Welcome bar” (Welcome to CGTalk! etc) looks messy (no padding or margins).

And quick menu at the bottom slides weird (narrow screen -> normal -> extra wide)

It’ll be great to make links SEF. There are many ways to do that on vbulletin (beginnig with brute mod_rewrite).


Thanks S-ed, this is very useful, i’ll try and work my way through these tweaks. the forums is a very old beast, and many of these issues relate to the original code.
we have been discussing Friendly URLs recently too, so hopefully we can get that working soon.

thanks again.


I’m not so good in english but i think this most closest idiom to what I can tell on Russian:

put your money where your mouth is
It’s the best reward for me. (don’t take it personally =))

New version of vBulletin (5 Connect) comes out, You’ve should check it out (actually, I haven’t yet, and there are a lot of mods on forum). I think price not too high (upgrade 209$ and brand removal 169$).

I’m here from 2002, and this is my 12’s post. Maybe i’m lazy to write, maybe cause of my poor english knowledge, most of time i’m reading/watching. But even so, i think it have to be in pleasure to use interface, it should be friendly, flexible and robust (I love usability). Forum - tool, it’s made to serve users. Course, flaws i’ve mentioned above - small. But there are lot of stuff that can make editing and viewing more comfortable (like Ajax edit forms, jQuery galleries/lightboxes). IMHO.

p.s.: i’m not vBulletin staff >_< but it’s good enough in my opinion
p.p.s: today js not loading - edit bar not working =/


Hi dear CGtalkers

I havent been for years on this forum I really like… But´I am going back not only for that suggestion, that maybe has been already posted:

It can be usefull to find Cgtalk on tablet as an app, (if not already done?) personnally I am using an Ipad, and for sure I would get this app without a doubt, because the internet s navigators are not so great as on a personnal computer on my way.

By the way happy to be here again, I am looking for tuition… Lets move to the right place to cg’talk about it.



Jeremy Belly


Hello Jeremy
Welcome Back!! We have a series of upgrades planned for this year that will bring the CGSociety world onto mobile devices. We have been concentrating heavily on tuition which you can check out at CGWorkshops if you haven’t done so already. We also will be releasing a new Training on Demand product very shortly so stay tuned.


Hey there,

Why don’t you guys put up a “pages from my sketchpad” thread? I’ve searched the anatomy and figurative thread but I didn’t see any forums or threads like that. If I am mistaken, if people can post their drawings there, then please disregard my post. I am just too shy to post some of my work because of the quality of illustrations here.

Thanks for reading,


I think there should be a way for new users to see the status of their pre-approved messages. It’s kinda lame to post and then just see nothing showing up despite checking back after work/gym/etc. It would be a nice tweak to help out new member communication.


Thanks Nyklaus, I like that idea, i maybe a notification once the post is approved.
Hopefully we can work that into an update soon.


I would suggest adding an off-topic forum, where one could ask anything without spammimg the general discussion forum.



I was thinking/planning on organizing a Concept Art monthly contest on the CGSociety. I already have a Jury member of 6 professional Hollywood concept artists. I will take-up all the rules and regulations, so that, the contests successfully run. Please, give me this opportunity. Take care!



Just as a suggestion, I think it would be beneficial to add the “Speedpaints and Sketchbooks” sub-forum as its own forum.
Right now, because its a sub-forum of the 2D WIP forum, it’s very hard to find.
I think that making it into its own forum could bring more traffic to it.