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Hi, I have a question. When I reply to a thread in the showcase galleries I can rate it. But sometimes I forget, and when I try to edit my post the voting form isn’t there, and the only way to rate the thread is to make a double post. Is there by any chance another way?


This question would have made more sense in the CGSociety Support Forum. But to answer your question, there is a rating drop down at the top of the thread. You don’t have to leave a comment to use this.


How about an animation or film history thread with like all the movie dates, producers, actors/actress, traditional movies and who invented or came up with the idea of effects first etc, maybe people can write quizzes and stuff to test on how much you know or think you know about it all!


Sounds like a CGWiki entry, not a thread. In general, if something requires someone to go back and constantly edit a post, the wiki should be used.



I just lost half an hour makes no sense.
I tried to post a new thread.
Only after 30 minutes, Google said that I have to write two posts.

Can you put the “New Topic”, and further asked to write two posts?
Is it not better?

I do not know if you censor my work - you can see it in the portfolio.


Sorry for my poor English


Not sure if you take suggestions for CGWorkshops, but…

It would be nice to see more texturing workshops. Particularly a good hard surface type texturing class. I think there has only been one real texturing class which was on the human face. The one with Paul Fedor.


Hi! The site is great & this is the place with the biggest cg community. I think that here we have a lot of useful information…but I miss news for a normal (not Hollywood) level of information & other things that inspire you. The news section is very small & the information in there is some kind of wrong presented. Small boxes with too small info in first view before clicking the link. The way that “Smashing” present their info is very beautiful & handy … you know is that interesting for you or not on a first side. I’m talking about something like smashing for cg. I’m a member here since 2005 & when I need some inspiration I come here, to see other people’s work…but I also go to their site. I don’t know much about web, but I relax & inspire myself reading their posts…but there I miss cg stuff. I hope you won’t understand me wrong…I like cgsociety…I just share my thoughts :slight_smile:


Not to complain, but I just registered and there is no month of February. But there are two entries for March.


Give it a shot now, should be ok.


Hi! Why there is no Houdini thread here?


Why not bring back the Messiah3d forum?

Especially as the ‘dare to share’ sales was very successful



It was recently added back in, hopefully it will remain front paged but this is up to the active threads per month… we will see.


More than happy to consider it, maybe you should run a Messiah3d workshop?


Care to elaborate more on a ‘workshop’ in terms of CGTalk?



I think he means “Workshop”.


As in a CGWorkshop, if you think it’s worth it? Talk to Mike!


What about a free area at the bottom of the main page, where everyone can talk about off topic stuff…? Most specialized forums have such thing.

Here an exemple from the Ableton forum;

Discussion of anything not related to audio or music production

In it people in the CG field could speak about movies, music, books… anything! Its always akward to do free talk in the others sections… that would fix the problem!


I’m not 100% sure about that one. On one hand, I really like the way the forums are professional and informative and that the signal-to-noise ratio is high, on the other hand the TF2 thread is by far the most popular and any discussions the least ‘political’ (overtime, rates, unions) get shot down which is sad IMO.

Also the forums are really slow/out of memory… More volume might not be the smart solution…


It’s worth thinking about but I think we are really trying to concentrate on improving the signal to noise ratio rather than try to be everything to everyone.


It’s a fine balance that we will never be able to please everyone with but we will continue to always look at this type of feedback and make adjustments accordingly.

As for the issues with speed/memory etc, we are looking into that at them moment, something is jamming up the system at times and it’s not entirely obvious, we have more than enough resources to cope… stay tuned.