The Simpson movie.


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I have a question.

I dont remember but I think I read in this forum that FOX TV is planning to do " The Simpson" the movie?Is that true?



Damn it. Talk about misleading titles! :banghead:


Oh god I hope not! I love the simpsons but I think once they release a movie it’ll be the end of the simpsons…Heck, the new seasons have been less then hilarious compared to older ones, seems like they’re running low on ideas for stories. It seems like homer keeps getting dumber and dumber as the seasons go on…I think that’s how they’ll end the Simpsons, they’ll just make home to stupid to carry on. :wink:


edit By the way, how is this related to CG news…?


Yes but though they are declining they still have some of the best comedy writing on tv. It does seem less funny than it was though. More on homer being dumb and less on realy funny jokes and lines. A movie could be good or bad.


The Simpsons have been on for 13+ years, ofcourse they are running out of ideas, but STILL… even a new “bad” episode of the Simpsons is still funnier than most sitcoms on TV.

I will be soooooo bad the day they are finally cancelled - I just don’t even wanna think about it.


I read a while back that Groening said he’d want to do a movie but only after the series was over.


I definitly feel the simpsons have fallen off a little especially since Family Guy took the spot light. A Simpson movie would be horrible if they are considering it. I don’t feel it will benefit FOX any. The only televised networks that seem to do ok is Nickelodeon, and thats because everybody with a snot nosed little kid is forced to go see it. With The Simpsons your not going to get the same response


I think turning any half-hour comedic cartoon into a movie is just a bad idea, unless it’s a kids cartoon. I believe the pacing of the plots only really fit in a half-hour of entertainment. I can just feel that dragging a Simpsons episode out for an 90 minutes or more could make me want to kill myself. I don’t want to see them go on some family vacation to Paris, where they get trapped because Bart becomes a gay child prostitute and Homer gets stuck in a drainpipe and it takes a whole movie to solve these predicaments so it can just conclude with them going home again after many a joke about the French.

And the above goes the same with Family Guy. I can’t see it working.

That could be just a rumor, but maybe Seth MacFarlane can pull it off. If anyone can, it do be that man and that beautiful juicy brain of his.


I read a while back that Groening said he’d want to do a movie but only after the series was over.

yeah thats what I heard/read
I wish they’d stopped after series9 :cry:


I don’t think they should make a movie either but I didn’t think they should have made a South Park or a Beavis and Butthead movie at the time, and they both turned out really well and very funny.


I agree with Danny.


The simpsons follow a simple formula to success, there’s low-brow humor: homer and bart, there’s middle of the line jokes: marge and maggie, and high brow intellectual jokes: lisa. The simpsons works on many levels and I think that’s it’s mass appeal. Shows like familly guy and B&B although funny work on one base level with the same joke over and over again, bathroom joke, sexist joke, racist joke, repeat.

There were some amazingly funny episodes in the past, like the Globex one, and the one where Homer eats the insanity pepper. I think the characters have gotten funnier (especially homer) but the storylines have become a tangled mess! Recently though the stories in the episodes have become a little more linear and more enjoyable. The episode where Homer fights the robots and Lisa’s cat’s keep dying was hilarious.

I doubt there will be a Simpsons movie anytime soon.



Simpsons Film Confirmed
TV Series Will Continue
July 26, 2004 During the Simpsons panel at San Diego’s Comic Con International, executive producer and longtime Simpsons contributor Al Jean announced the news that many fans have been waiting for: “There will be a movie,” putting enough “English” on the word “will” to leave no doubt among the faithful that they will be able to see the yellow-hued denizens of Springfield on the big screen. Jean did not provide a release date, saying only that the show’s producers were taking the time to get it right.


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