The Salarian Alliance Scientist, Jarno Nieuwenhuijsen (3d)


Title: The Salarian Alliance Scientist

Name: Jarno Nieuwenhuijsen

The Salarian Scientist, a fan tribute to the game series Mass Effect. When I just started with 3D about 4 years ago , I made a similar project called “the Salarian Refugee” in Sculptris and Photoshop.
The logo on it’s shoulder pads is that of the Systems Alliance which represents the body of Earth and all human colonies in Citadel space.
Since this obvioulsy isn’t a human and I couldn’t find a Salarian related logo people just have to use their imagination on how a Salarian were to obtain that logo.


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Haha, thanks bro!
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Nice one, nice to see your art featured here. Look forward to more.



Thanks Dan! Hope my character project will be appreciated here too ^^