The Saint, Sinad Jaruartjanapat (2D)


Title: The Saint
Name: Sinad Jaruartjanapat
Country: Thailand
Software: Photoshop

This is my latest work. It came from important scene in Summoner Master Novel Episode 11 : The Saint . When “Sister Alana” going to heaven
’cause she became “Saint Alana”. Why she became Saint ? She scarified her life to help all soldiers survived in war. When she going to heaven there are her guardian angel and a lot of little angels came to bring her to heaven.
PS.I made this work in Renaissance style.
Thank you for all your C&C.In addition about my concept in this work.
Why? two guy in pic feel in opposite way.
One happy with her, because she became to someone that he can’t be. This man is the prophet who’re just like her brother.
The other one is the man who’re always love her but he can’t do anything except saw her from very far place. He feel very sorrow ‘cause he won’t see her forever.
Some image in this work is restrict comment and can’t be change. If I change it will ruin all character’s image in novel.

In addition I edit my work from C&C.


gorgious , just amazing feels like a michelangelo paint anime style :slight_smile:


wow beautiful artwork :smiley:

the design of the armor & clothes are very impressive …wah what am i saying …the whole picture is very impressive !! :bowdown::smiley: :drool:

how long did you work on this ?

  • Nice design! Very clean lines
  • The clouds on the left, next to the guy’s head, look a little flat.
  • I really like the hair. Very clean with out looking dead. Great!


wicked picture


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Lovely sets it as his desktop wallpaper at work


Oh. My.

Impressive pieces like this make me want to throw down my stylus in shame.

This is what can be achieved digitally. Wow.

Fantastic work!


This amazing beautiful !!:scream:


:applause: Just tooooo Beautiful:applause:


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amazing!!front page material imho~:thumbsup::thumbsup:


Not only is this one of the best pieces I have ever seen, you have achieved the greatest sword Design of all time. Bravo Bravo!


:thumbsup: I’ma in shock!!! :thumbsup: 5starZZ!!! :thumbsup:


:eek: fantastic pic !!!


You have quite the epic tapestry peice going one there. I can tell even before reading your description below that it is charges with story. It’s a great peice of work.

Cheers :slight_smile:


Incredible work! Good job… :shrug:
I like the stretched format, it gives it an original touch.


WHAT A AWESOME WORK!!!:eek: CONGRATULATIONS!:bounce: :bounce: :bounce: .5 STARS !!! no less…

Background, caracters, clouds, textures…all is perfect! BRAVO!


A very very very great pic, extremly emotional. The choice of color, is really nice. Good work five stars for me


Cool, work, man! i see your work and start to wonder when can i created that kind of beautiful works in photoshop. Your work really encourage me to work harder. Thanks. 5 stars