The route to bringing your own ideas to life


So I am a 3D Animation, Modeling, & Texturing student right now, and I am pretty much here because I want to make my own CG films (Sci-fi/Fantasy/Action & Experimental MTV-Style). I have several good ideas and have been working on a four-part story for the past 10 years (I know it’s a very long time). So I pretty much have everything together for the first film. Now what exactly would be the best route for me to go in finding a director, producer, and/or studio to help me make it? Any advice would help. Thanks in advance!


hey Klazer,

I’s awesome that you want to create your own project. this is why many of us are here at all!

So how long is your story? ( in screentime ) and what kind of production are you looking for? also what kind of involvement are you looking for yourself?

Is it your intention to sell your story to have it made by a big studio? ( in which case I have no advice for you because I believe that is a pipe dream. I will explain more if you don’t know why I’m saying that )

or do you want to make it yourself? you have to ask and answer a lot of questions before anyone can really help you with this…

can you be more clear…?


Well it is a four part story, but the first one works well on its own. The first episode would be roughly 90 minutes. As far as a production kind, if I know exactly what your talking about, it would be more of an independent straight to dvd or possibly to theaters.

I am not into the big studio idea anyway. What I really want to do is make it with a group of freelancers or a smaller studio, although I don’t see that happening too easily, but hey you never know. But it is definitely something I want to make myself.

I could see myself directing it, I’m a pretty all together ambitious person. I would even just love to be on the production team. Probably a combination of both.

Would it be difficult to find a producer to fund the production? I’m not sure how all that stuff works.


Klazer, I see… I thought so.

This is only my opinion, but I’ve been dancing around the same exact issue for many years now, and I have seen MANY people try and fail, so please consider the following :

What you have in mind is actually too difficult to undertake as a first project. I know it’s diufficult to accept, but EVEYRONE and their uncle has a great idea that they want to turn into a film ( and some of them are pretty good ideas too ). The people who put up money to turn these ideas into a product will want a return on their money, and I promise that the odds of them choosing your script are so low, that you can count it as an impossibility for all intents and purposes… this is a pipe dream, and I don’t think it’s viable. ( again this is my opinion, but I feel strongly about this )

instead, I would recomend that you produce a short film or two yourself, to get the experience to handle a larger production. After you “know” what it takes to get a production done, you will be better armed to aproach your large project.

there has been some interesting buzz about this recently with some comments that will put you in the right frame of thinking. This thread is dedicated to the practicalities of making your animated dream a reality. You will find more answers in this thread than anywhere else

best luck Klazer, if you decide to take my advice and create a short first, please update us.


agree abt getting some experience with creating a short first. u got to have some generic knowledge of what everyone on the team is supposed to do and it’s a way to build some contacts, and find out who are the pple u can work with.


Yeah I understand, and I do agree. That’s why I have been writing other shorter stories to prepare for that. Now if I made a short myself, would it be smart to enter it into a film festival? Would that be a good place to find a partnership? Thanks a bunch guys!


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