The problem I had with Silo


I really liked How Silo made it easy and quick to make 3D models. I haven’t tried the newest version yet, but it seems to have all the same problems as before. I think if Nevercenter just made a feature work well like uv mapping that would be great.

I never liked how Silo created UVs. The don”t come out well and you have to use another 3D software to fix them. And the UV mapper should be updated!

I know Silo is supposed to be a simple and efficient 3D modeler, just update the features Silo already has so people can enjoy creating 3D models.

I hope Nevercenter speeds up the process of making Silo better.


2.5.5 is very good, I haven’t encountered any bugs just yet on the UV or modeling side of things. I understand that you want the UV’s to just unwrap perfectly without any adjustment and I think SILO will get there. However, when it comes to repairing existing UV’s, or setting up a UV/UDIM layout, SILO really shines with the UV mirroring and symmetry options and numerical editor.