The portrait of Willem Dafoe, Jeen Lih+Lun (3D)


Title: The portrait of Willem Dafoe

Name: Jeen Lih+Lun

Willem Dafoe is one of my favourite actor in the film John Wick I. I decided to present his portrait with a natural expression, and try to bring out his personality that is contrary to how most people think of him, the evil Green Goblin. Willem has very unique and distinct facial features and that make him extremely fun and challenging to sculpt in ZB. This is also my first attempt to use maya V-Ray renderer and also Maya X-gen for the hair. Lots of trials and errors but I learnt a great ton. I also used Texturing XYZ for sculpting the skin details. Cloths are initially made with MD, further detailed in ZB. FiberMesh was used to create the hair in ZB. Thanks and I hope you like the portrait.


Not just a great piece but really great work on your presentation
and posting which says a lot about a production artist.

Glad I found this one here!