The Maya Free Rig List


Dont forget about “AdvancedSkeleton” this has to be the best rigger out since RadiantSquare’s FinalRig.


How many of these can i use with my own characters? i noticed they are all posed to specific meshes but i need one for myself. I know you can pose TSM’s one…any more? More specifically free…yunno just until those guys at rockstar or Pixar come-a-knocking :smiley:


lovely thread, there is a lot of inactive links though.


Sorry about the broken links. I have been busy trying to get my rigs updated, They can be found on my website.

Here is a link to my

Thanks and kind regards.


This is a character rigging tool I am working on. This is my test run, and I have one with a lot more features in the works, so I am always looking for feedback!


So, Good…


Bouncing Ball Rig, With tail.

Id did it yesterday, a very simple rig.

Look here to download it:


I was wondering if anybody knows where an updated link for the excellent looking boy character on Page 3 is? I created an account and logged in like it says, but the site is wacky and doesn’t work for me. Can I get the file from another site?


no longer here


Here is a great model created by Julian Johnson-Mortimer ( , and a little rigging by me

Download Dobby1.1 here.

Also on

Please leave your comments here so we don’t clutter the free rigs section.


Here’s version 2.0 of Johnny the box. He’s been made from scratch again, with more animator friendly controls now. :smiley:

Demo of the rig in action

Download Johnny the box 2.0 here


Really thanks for all , really good for a new beginner with Maya .


Funny this thread popped up now!

I have just finished my Automatic Rigging script, which will


please have a look and get back to me on what you think about it!

be aware that this script relies heavily on JasonSchleifer’s Animation Friendly rigging scripts and the comet-cartoons scripts.



This is my latest free character rig. Space Marine.

I’ve tried uploading it to, but they’ve asked me to make a tutorial to discuss it’s features before they’ll host it. I’m in the process of making that tutorial, but here are the important notes:

1. It’s low poly by default to better maintain realtime playback. Before rendering, select the geometry from the “Space Marine Geometry” layer and press the 3 key to smooth the mesh. Press the 1 key to return the mesh to low poly.
2. Arms and Legs possess IK FK Switch. The IK FK switch attributes a kept on a shape node that’s instanced to all limb controllers, so select any controller to animate those attributes.
3. The shoulder guards automatically animate based on the animation of the shoulders. They have their own controllers including an attribute to turn the auto animation off or on.
4. I’m using a triple layer IK hand controller, so animators can control the pivot point of the IK hands.
5. The IK arms have an auto clavicle animation feature. An attribute to turn this off and on is included with the IK FK Switch attributes.
6. The IK hands can link to the World, a list of controllers, and a list of locators. The locators exist as proxy objects to be parented to other objects within an animation scene. The locators are at the scene origin.
7. All of the weapons have the same setup including the Uzi, Saw Sword, Grenades, and Grenade Pins. A main controller exists around each weapon’s handle with parent switch attributes. Each weapons has individual world controllers. A controller exist with each hand for weapons and this controller’s visibility is controlled from each arms IK FK Switch attributes. The grenades have waist controllers as well.


Jason Gill


Here is my contribution:
A dolly/crane/steady camera rig with lots of features!



In the 1st link below it shows the first stage of my new leg rigging technique. The knee doesn’t pop and the leg doesn’t need to stretch to make the calculations correct. The rig would also have an improved version of enhanced IK

No pop knee explanation video
Enhanced Ik rig

I am thinking about making a public release of a final rig so please leave me a comment if you have questions and like it if you think its a good idea. I was told that this approach might be better than making a demoreel but it will take time away from that.

Thanks in advance for your Comments and suggestions.


Free Maya rig from my rigs are here

Modeded by Hung Vodinh, animation by Jerrelle Redick, rig by Joel Anderson

Please email me and let me know what you think, enjoy!


Wow, your stuff looks great. Can purchased rigs be used for commercial purposes? If so, you might want to clarify on your site.
Also, the text with your email is cutoff in my browser on:


Thanks EightBit for the heads up, and thanks for the kind words.

Some of these rigs can be used for commercial purposes, the free one’s cannot. just let me know what one(s)


Can i add my little contribution?

Guido Salimbeni