The Maya Free Rig List


Hi, thank u for the list, this is very useful

It's a shame that I have two old & unfinished Rigs in the list! I should update/finish them asap! ok, I'll do, but after I finish my current free rig, it is in very beta stage (sketchy), my students yesterday had tested it but I need more ppl to test it, brutally and savagely! 

Link to:  [color=Yellow][Chuz beta 0.5.7](

[/color] please notice that:

- no facials, yet (just jaw, eyebrows and eyes)
- some connections are not done yet
- some things are missing too (like fk, stretch, etc)
- some things are not working properly yet

If you have any idea please PM only or reach me at: [email=""][/email]

Thank you!


In class we studing bird animation at the moment. I world really like to find a nice bird rig to use. I have looked all over but I cannot find anything. If anyone knows where I could find one it would be a great help. Thank you


hey people! I never noticed this post before, well here’s my humble contribution.



Hi friends ,
i need wild cat or any other quadruped model for my rigging demoreel .plz send any link.


Nice and useful list there dude!

And yeah I found this basic character rigging link on the internet :smiley: hope can be useful to anyone here!


Here are two more rigs to add to the list:

Rudy: Fully textured Male with FBIK Rig
Octopus: Harryhausen-esque Octopus with hair dynamics driving the tentacles.

…and here are some custom control handles for creating your own rigs.


It has been an incredibly long time since I have posted (or made) any of my personal work online. During the writers strike I found I had a little bit more spare time than I was used to, so I started work on a character that I wanted to release to the community. The strike ended as quickly as it started and I never got the time to finish it up. Until now.

When I set out to design this rig, I wanted to make it easy to use ‘out of the box’. That meant no need to install any shelves or scripts to get right into using the character. It also had to update fast (EI: No fancy muscle systems or dynamics this time around). I picked a cartoony character because I wanted the challenge of working on a gooey/stretchy rig. The name is because I’m not very good at making names and Tonga is a place I would like to visit one day.

[li]“Osipa influenced” facial system
[/li][li]Squashy/stretchy torso that allows for ‘floating’ FK animation (IE, you can translate stuff around and it still looks cool)
[/li][li]Pre-set hand poses on the palm controller for common or hard to build shapes (Thumbs up, punch, grab weapon etc). I can add more poses to the rig as needed. Feel free to make suggestions.
[/li][li]FK/IK switching/stretching on arms and legs
[/li][li]Full foot rig.
[/li][li]Head and eyes can ‘lock’ or ‘float’ as needed.
[/li][li]Spline and FK controls for the tail.

Download link

Special thanks to Tyler Hoolaeff for the animators perspective and Devan Mussato for rigging suggestions and QC. I hope you enjoy playing with it.


Thanks for putting this list together.


Here is a link to a free Maya Rig called Rockwell. I plan on doing a lot of updates to it, let me know what works and what doesn’t, and what things i should add and omit.



Here is a link to my horse rig:

Created in Maya 2008, tested on 8.5
Horse body fully rigged with some facial controls

The rig is light weight, easy to use, comes with documentation, and a small embedded set-up GUI.


…went public! Read over HERE

there is also a great tutorial on custom stuff right THERE



I am working on a project where in i need a bird rig. Can any one pass the link please…



good …


Cool thread !

I’d like to add to it someday LOL !!


Here is one from me:


Its a pretty fast and fun rig. Hope you guys enjoy it.

You can download from my site here:


Ive recently put up a octopus rig on my website if anyone is interested.


Nice work Ali and Jimmy, thanks for the rigs.


That octopus rig is kickass Jimmy. Thanks for sharing!


Hey Animators! I just wanted to let everyone know that there’s a rig on my site for free download. I will give a detailed description of the controls on the forum part of my site at some point, but for now look for shape nodes called “sharedAttrs” for many functions like bendy limbs, IKFK Switch and extra face controls. It is far from finished, and Ill be updating regularly, so input on the forum would be helpful. Also, don’t forget to reference the file, because tools, updates and renders wont work if you dont. If you have a cool cycle or animation, ill make a render of it and post it on the site.

      [Generic Male](


       ps. Yes, u need to make an account. No, u wont get any emails unless you subscribe to the forum.


Here is a little toony ball rig that I did in my free times.

Click here for the rig…

Click here for a video demonstration…