The Maya Free Rig List


Hi. I had reason to research the availability of free rigs for some of my students whos into animation and came up with this list. I thought it would be useful to have such a list here at the Maya Character Setup forum. Also, dissecting others setups is a good learning process.

EDIT 2011: This list is now quite old in internet terms and have not been updated since 2007. However, it has been very popular and well recieved so its about time for a major update later this summer.

[color=White]                              FREE MAYA RIGS:[/color]
                              [color=White][Lowman 1.2]([/color][](
                 [color=White][Lowman with Osipa face]([/color][](
                              [color=White][Generi](                   [/color][](
                 [color=White][Generi lowgirl]([/color][](
        [color=White]Horse Rig[/color][color=White]  []([/color]
        [color=White]Demonlord, Mort, Wolverine, Matt, Travis, Chuck Boy, Enemy Soldier, Keiji, Kia and Yakumo[/color][](
       Tiny 1   [](
       Spacegirl [/color]  [](
       [color=White]Character B[/color][](
       [color=White]Tubbs   [/color][color=White][/color]
       [color=White]Alexia   [/color][color=White][/color]
         [color=White]    FBIK Rig[/color][](
         [color=White]    Fox[/color][](
         [color=White]    Kasumi[/color][](
         [color=White]    Simple Hank[/color][](
             [color=White]Clark  [/color][](
         [color=White]    Spaceman Stan[/color][](
         [color=White]    Dummy[/color][](
         [color=White]    Dewi[/color][](
             [color=White]Grasshopper  [/color][](
             [color=White]Renamon  [/color][](
             [color=White]Monty  [/color][](
             [color=White]Frog  [/color][](
                         [Buddy 1.0.1]([](
                    [color=White][Mikey 1]([/color][](
                    [color=White]Sam 1.2.1[/color][](
                        [color=White][Devil 1.0.1](            []([/color]
                        [color=White][Chip 1.0.0](            []([/color]
                        [color=White][Noodle 1.0.0](      [](
                      [/color][color=White][Sergio 1.0.3](           [/color][](
                       [/color]  [Ninja]([](
                         [Alfred 1.2]([](
                         [Bloke 1.1]([](
                         [Fred 0]([](
                [Packageman 1.2]([](
                [Ik-Joe 3]([](
                         [color=White][MooM 3.0]([/color][](
                [Lieutenant Dan]([]( 
[color=White]                ball and legs[/color]
[color=White]                Rigged with The setup machine[/color]
[color=White]                              Rigged with The setup machine[/color]
[color=White]       22 different rigs. Some unusual stuff here and wild models.[/color]
                [Elvis Rig 1.2]([](
                         [Monkey Rig 1]([](
                [Chris Burns Car Rig]([](
                [Big Cat]([](
                [Robot and Professor]([](
                [Super Theo]([](
[color=White]                             shelves [/color][](
                         [color=White]     Basic G[/color][color=White]uy[/color][color=White] 2.5.6[/color][](
[color=White]        or    [/color][](
                       [/color]  [Flour Sack 1.5]([](
                [Frank 2.0]([](
                [Ollie 1.5]([](
                [MrMotionRig v1.5]([](
           [/color]          [color=White]Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle              [](
                      Ichigo             []([/color]
[color=White]                              Wood, beta rig                  [/color][]([color=White] goto downloads[/color]
                              Thats it for now. Have a good time animating!
                              /Mattias Svendsen


i wish this list was this extensive for xsi… :sad:


Hey Thanks for including my Animato rig in your list…
here is a little pic of Animato…it has some bugs, but hey it s free…



Hi. Id just like to point out that Highend3D now have a rig download section also.

Enjoy / Mattias Svendsen


Bob from Radiant Square.


i had no idea there were so many of these around. i dont really have need for it myself but im sure a lot of people who dont want to learn rigging will be really helped to start animating, its so hard to animate with a crappy rig that i see it screw up a lot of people who could otherwise animate fine when they start out.


Hi. Lots of good rigs have come to my attention and is now added to the list.


Ninja 1
Alfred 1.2
Bloke 1.1
Flour Sack character 1
Monkey Rig 1


Basic guy 2.0
MooM 2

[color=white]Please PM me if you find new rigs, stuff that dont work or dead links. Hopefully we can keep this a live list a long time.

Good animating / Mattias


Thanks for putting this list together. It’s very, very handy! :thumbsup:


I really like Final rig. It is easy to use and the controls are awsome but it is hard to get tech support. The plug in cost about $200 and right now it doesn’t load properly. It works great when it works.


Hi, some updates for the new year.


A good new rig with wings of an extreme devil (well modelled)

Chip 1.0.0
Fat man (unusual)

Noodle 1.0.0
Cartoony rig with loots of control and facial setup


[color=Yellow]Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

Ronny Robo



MooM 3.0
Good elastic puppet rig with facial controls

Happy animating / Mattias


sorry… wanna ask did u guys know where can i get free textured simple human models but without the riggings…?


sorry… wanna ask did u guys know where can i get free textured simple human models but without the riggings…?


I’ve been wanting to try out animating a horse walking, any free hores rigs out there? I’ve searched but can’t seem to find any.


Highend3D got a competition going now:

Any user that submits a character rig from today until March 8th, 2007 will automatically be entered into a drawing to receive their choice of 5 DVDs from The Gnomon Workshop

Check it out.

Added Rigs to main list:

Buddy 1

Mikey 1

Sam 1.1

Please msg me if you discover new rigs/updates/broken links and other rig list related stuff.

Happy animating /Mattias Svendsen



Can I add my rig to this list??

you can find it here, I think it’s one of the few FBIK rigs, but I haven’t checked it out for sure. This rig is pretty neat, not ready for production, but I’m hoping to get some community involvement:

Any features or ideas I’d be happy to add, please message!

Here is the original thread:


Didn’t see LowMan on this list. It’s a pretty neat script collection (for maya 5 through 7) - it does work on Maya 7 (despite what the site says).



Lowman is the first on the list since way back :slight_smile:
Anyway, thanks for trying to contribute.


Thanks to Highend3d rig competition alot of new good rigs have been submitted. Fantastic to have so many people contribute to the community. The possibilty of gnomon dvds works wonders also probably.

FBIK Rig (name pending, tai-chi guy maybe?)



Simple Hank


Spaceman Stan







Updates also

Sergio 1b 1.0.3

Buddy 1.0.1

Devil 1.0.1

Keep em coming and rate and comment the rigs you try

Make something live / Mattias Svendsen


A horse rig have surfaced atlast. Nice with some variation, the quadrupeds are quite rare.

Horse Rig

Also i noticed that this guy had more rigs on his site than the one previously posted:

Demonlord, Mort, Wolverine, Matt, Travis, Chuck Boy Enemy Soldier, Keiji, Kia and Yakumo

Tiny 1


Character B




Sam 1.2.1

Basic Guy 2.5.6



Not sure if this should be included here but it is a set of scripts to rig virtually any Vehicle instead of an actual vehicle rig. From four wheel to Multiwheel sets per axle position.
The vehicle can be setup to “autospin” the wheels by moving the vehicle in the X and Z planes. Rotation of the rig in the Y Plane will automatically set wheel rotation to compensate of vehicle moving in the opposite direction after rotation.

Also addition spin can be added or blended on top to simulate wheelspin etc. Also each wheel can be switched on or off, also each wheel can be set to stop or rotate in reverse at any time.

Vehicle rig also sets up steering for front (and rear) with independant steering for both front and rear steer with different ratios for both if required. Also front and rear can be switched off or even reversed to simulate the type of steering seen on high performance cars.

The rig also sets up fully independant and controllable suspension for each wheel. The vehicle will tilt and swivel based on position of wheel ground locators. If these are constrained to a ground plane then suspension will automatically operate.

       Scripts allow +/- rotation of the whole vehicle without rotating the main control rigs. Also added additional controls for independent control of each wheels suspension and now able to vary speed and rotion direction of each wheel individually. Rig can be attached to a Ground Plane and or a motion path using scripts.

Davvey’s Vehicle Rigger