The Maya FAQ Thread.



I have tried to find the Maya Personal Learning Edition.

I downloaded the trail version in the hope i would be given the choise between trail or PLE
but that was not so.
Is there a place where I can stil download the PLE?




I’m learning Maya now. I wanna make Vertical Orientation of Input and Output Connections in Hypergraph as default, but I can’t. It’s possible?

Every time after closing Hypergraph this value resetting, and when I will open it again and turn on Input and Output Connections then I will see Horizontal Orientation. And I must go to menu again and choose vertical type of orientation. Simple and stupid problem, simple and stupid question but it makes me really crazy. Google doesn’t talk to me, I didn’t find the answer. Please help.


I’m having a perplexing Extrude problem. Attempting to extrude 3 faces that are all beside each other, I’ve got ‘Keep faces together’ ticked and history is on. As soon as I click extrude each of the faces splits and then becomes it’s own extrusion.
To put this in context, I’m trying to widen some feet on a character model. But I’m getting three tentacles instead coming out of the sides. Thank you to whoever can help!


Thank you for post . i will do it .


Hi guys,

Just trawling for some useful hints-n’-tips, and seems as if I’m lucky hitting this thread from the get go. Because I’d only picked up a student licence the other day (Maya 2016) in so doing was pretty psyched initially sinking my teeth into something BIG! however first things first…I anticipate getting to grips with the UI will be a priority for the moment at least. Although I’ve experience with another 3D DCC suite so not unaware each tend to have their own individual quirks which hopefully in this instance the learning process won’t have to many bumps in the road. Anyways I’ll get back to reading



Every previous version installed, wow! You’re quite the Maya hoarder.


helpHi, all!
Is there any known way to contain fluid sims in geometry? I’m currently working on a scene where a tornado is supposedly projected in a cylinder. I tried turning on make collide between the cylinder and the tornado but it doesn’t quite work out the way I’d expect it to. (Parts of the fluid sim can be seen clipping through my geo)
Any advice on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

I’m using the 2017 version of Maya if that matters.