The Maya FAQ Thread.


Is it possible to have two installations of Maya on one computer? I want to keep 2009 because of Renderman, but I want to tinker with 2010.


Yes it is , I’ve still got every previous version installed till Maya 7.0 , in case I need to work on archived projects again. I found that maya scenes isn’t always forwards compatible - especially with very old scenes.


Nevermind. got it fixed.


I found an old Maya 4 PLE disc that I got from a friend a long time ago, and I want to install on a desktop I have (it’s an old P4 from 2001, but I’ve been slowly upgrading a few parts over the years). The problem is, I cannot get a password to install it because the Alias website now redirects to the Autodesk website. -that’s the link I found via googling, which supposedly had the passwords for the PLE’s.

I’m doubting Autodesk will be able to provide me with a password. So I thought I’d ask if anyone knew what it was?


Hello! Just a quick modeling question: Is there a tool that can smooth non planar geometry/faces? Make it planar.



Hang me up on this one: How do I convert my selection, say faces, to UVs? I tried searching the forums but I’m reading scripts.


Hold ctrl + RMB, and select “to UV´s”


Not sure what youre trying to achive so its hard to give tips, but from the top of my head you could either use:

#Sculpt mesh tool available in one of the Mesh menues and select “smooth” and paint away

#you could remove the “Keep component spacing” (i think its called) in movement tool, activate the grid and just move it to grid using only one of the axis on the gizmo. Itll snap all the vertecies to the same grid point, but be sure to use only one of the axis or it will snap all vertecies youve selected to a single point in the world.

#Select the vertecies you want to smooth and Average Vertecies/vertex available in SHIFT RMB (Sorry, at work and dont have maya infront of me, could be CTRL RMB)


Question about the cut faces tool. I’m trying to cut a space for the wheels on my car using this tool. I’m trying to cut it from the side, by viewing my blueprint. When i cut it, my side is fine, from where i cut it, but the opposite side is wider. I’m talking about the lines. Any help here?


How can I disable uv piece snapping/jumping? If I try to overlap or move close one piece to another it will jump back and it has become very annoying when it does that.


Hi guys. How hard would it be for me to switch from 3dsmax to Maya? I’ve used max for 3 years but I am getting into animation and want to switch to maya.


Thank you so much for this thread! This is going to help out so much!!


i am interested in download the trial version of maya.
so, i would like to know if exists in the trial version some resources as occlusion renders with mental ray, material editor as hypershade, lightning tools, and if i can take big renders something between 2k to 4k per image.




I have a odd issue with Maya. I imported geometry form MODO, exported with FBX. I have done this before, and things worked fine. Now i am trying to do it again, and i am not able to see the geometry. I go to the outliner, and press A to get a view of the object, and i might see it for a second, and then it goes away. Its too fast to click on it. Im just wondering how do i get the geometry to import into Maya via FBX and use it like i used to. Thanks!


Change your camera clip planes to something larger or scale the model down.


Thanks for your reply! The problem was that when I imported in the model, the scale was too large. I also found out that in the perspective view, the visibility is cut off at a certian distance. It seems that when looking through the camera, this is not an issue. Anyways, I am happy that I can continue my work and have faith in the modo+ Maya connection. Thanks!


Thats what i mean by the camera clip planes. if you select the camera and open the attribute editor. in amongst the attributes you will see references to near clip and far clip. if you make them both larger you will see your model without clipping. this is probably the best way rather than scaling as your model will stay at the right scale (1:1).

Hope this psot makes sense im on the phone here


Oh yeah, it made perfect sense. Thanks!


I am sorry for my English, but I try to explain my problem with saving file in Maya.
I just finished my character modeling and disided to save the file. I saved this , but in that time Maya was closed and I think my file did not saved. But I know that there was Incremental Saves ( I saved often) and when I opened my last saved file, I noticed that only part of geomenty was in the scene. I looked at all folders of Incremental Save and all files ther were broken. ( only part of geomenty was there, not my last model)

Is some way to restore my last file? with my finished character model?

I hope you understand my question…


Until now i was using maya & max “2009” which is quite stable & bugfree version but now i want to use some latest version so which one is better 2011 or 2012 in terms of stability,plugins availability & features? which maya version prefered in film studios