The Maya FAQ Thread.


How to align vertices:

How to fix a crease problem:


Screwy face normals when importing .obj files… [pic of the prob and solution response]



For anyone who had this strange
Signal 6: Unknown Signal <=> Error with MAYA4.X under Linux , here you’ll find the way to solve it (or, what worked for me!)


fixing ‘black polygons’ screwing up your mesh!


subd mesh crashing render ? (memory exception fault)

no definite answer, might want to try some solutions

here and here


Using an Nvidia Quadro and having Hypershade/graph names and swatches dissapear?

Click Here



Greyed out \ frozen manipulators?



How to browse (ala ACDSEE) a sequence of maya iff files in a directory ?

Cure for subdivision SLOWNESS - the thread


How to use image sequences or movies in a texture or as a light projection:


Fantastic question and answer thread about “How to remove a tweak from history?”



How to adjust DOF in maya:


My menu bars are gone. How can i get them back ?

shift-m for the viewport menu bar

ctrl-m for the main menu bar


It’s probably due to your clipping planes:


Importing Shaders Thread,How to import and make Images representing them.


Mental Ray & PRman discussion: (great info)


Making the “Current Time” slider in the Graph Editor display as red:


How to Export Maya file format ma/mb to 3DS


By using the nurbsData, polyData and wireData Plug-Ins available at:


By using the cpvData Plug-In, available at: