The Magic Movie Machine - VIOLATORS - 3D Concept Artist


Hello guys,

It has been a very long time. I am now working on a new short film. We are very close to stepping up to full production on a short film called VIOLATORS.

The elevator pitch is in the YouTube video below.

What I am specifically looking for right now is a Zbrush Concept Artist for one (1) giant robot biped character. The artist must be someone who can flesh out an entire sculpt from only one or a few drawings - as a concept artist I fully expect to collaborate with them and “fill in the blanks” as we encounter them on the sculpt.

There are two categories for anyone wanting to fill this position:

  1. Professional (paid) - Anyone with proven credentials for the above 3D Concept task will be paid at market rates. Deadlines will be set.
  2. Student (Volunteer) - Anyone with talent but little or no credentials, or is still in school, can take this up and we will collaborate to complete the task. Deadlines will be adjustable.

Reach out to me here or in the contact information below: