The (last) Flight Of A Mouse, Igor Kudryavtsev (3D)


Title: The (last) Flight Of A Mouse
Name: Igor Kudryavtsev
Country: Russia
Software: Maya, mental ray, Photoshop

Once upon a time, in a spring, one young Mouse decided, that he can live on a tree, just like a bird… Or maybe he thought that he IS a bird actualy…


Hahahahaha!!! Great and very funny work man!!! :thumbsup::applause:


hehe…very cool!! that tree is a photograph isn’t it???


Great work. I especially like his nose and the “wings”! Funny! :slight_smile:


Awsome character and rendering !!! I’d love to see the some wip’s… and an animated version :slight_smile:

Keep it going !

  • That’s amazing. I really like it.
  • Except for where his foot touches the branch I can’t see anything that needs work.
    • First rate work! You’ve got an amazing imagination.
  • Is the background a picture?


something about the eyes and nose, but this character seems very creepy to me, not cute at all.


front page material. *****


Real cool! Like his nose :slight_smile:
and his feathers… :thumbsup:


Coool work!


Excellent, gr8 work:thumbsup::thumbsup: 5 stars


WOW, It’s a wonderful work in maya… It’s perfect… Do u have an animation?
Wires etc…Can u post something…It’s a fantastic image. Good art!


thats great, love it, :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Woow that’s crazy! :slight_smile:
very good!


freeeeeaky!! Nicely done!


This is very good, i really liked it :slight_smile:


HA HA!!! thats the stuff that I really like… great fantasy!


héhé very funny, good job


front page worthy if there ever was one… :slight_smile: very nice work!


two such great posts in a row… how do you do this ?
If you keep on feeding the forum with this quality, we’ll soon need a six stars rating system :smiley:
Keep up !