The Icewaste, Neox (3D)



after quite a while since my last post. I would like to write and show you the new picture that i along with a few other people from SEK have helped to produce.

The picture (the first piece of artwork for our new game) took roughly two weeks to do and was published along with an article about SEK in a German computer game magazine called “Computer Bild Spiele”.

The picture was quite a challenge for me as i had upto then only worked on pieces without having any real kind of artwork or time limit to work to. I found it quite difficult to make cut backs and looking back i have noticed that due to the camera view a lot of the details and modeling are not visible.

My main job consisted of modeling and unwrapping.
To explain a little about the work processes. The project began with myself receiving a drawing of the scene from our concept artist Tomas Wulff.
I began to model the Rhino and as i already knew that most of its body would be covered in thick hair and therefore any detail that i were to do on the body would not be seen, i therefore concentrated my efforts on the head. Next came the saddle, back pack and small details and then the rider which was for me a great challenge as i had until then only modeled human heads and animals. I felt that i had taken far to much time working on the character but it was a good exercise for me and also as i had not modeled any feet or hands i felt very happy with the results i made (unfortunately again due to the camera angle these details are not really clearly visible)
The clothes, creases and folds i found very easy to do even when they are quite complicated to reproduce. I feel that they are not truly accurate but work well in the overall picture and that was for me of more importance.

After i had finished with modeling the rhino and character. The character then went into the hands of Thomas Langhanki who unwrapped it in preparation to be textured, and the rhino to Simon Murray. In the meantime i worked on the landscape and foreground.

A little about the finished rendered picture which then went under a little photoshop job. The picture consists of four layers: 1. ground 2.with the main rhino, saddle, flags and main character 3. The in-game animals and characters and finally the fourth background, mountains, sea and the sky etc is a matte painting from Ingolf Hetscher.Thomas Langhanki finally worked on taking out the small colour and seam problems and generally touching it up in photoshop.

To the game itself i am as of yet unable to give any real deals away. What i can say is that it is a real time strategy game, in which human and huge animals (like the one in the picture) live together in this world. For who ever is interested in this animals might like to know that the rhinos exact name is “lat. Colodonta antiquitatis”

I must mention a big thank you to the following people who without their help i would not have been able to finish on time
David Fraas who helped out with the Rigging. Gildas Gerdes who gave lots of tips and help in achieving the hair affect on the rhino. At last but not least to Simon Murray who is more or less like a genius to me. Without his help i would not be the man today and would probaly be working in mc-donalds or somewhere…

and the wire for those who don’t want to believe that its 3d :wink:


uh! don’t wonder about the ending of the text, simon translated the german version for me… you little bastard! :smiley:

ok i’m going to work in mc-donalds now…



wow, quite impressive. I would not have belived that it was 3D. Most of it is painted anyway…correct?

Nicely done.


only the background (mountains and stuff)
and some photoshop touchups are 2d, the rest is 3d
yes the snow particles too :wink:


very nice! outsanding render! maybe a tutorial ?:scream:

:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


:bounce: amazing:bounce:

still have a hard time beliving its not a wacom job


Very nice work neox!

You already know what i think! :thumbsup:
(i just think the beast in the Background could have been done in 2D…Very little…No details) But it’s really nice!


:eek: :buttrock:
woooooooooooooow!!! great work!!!


neox you know my opinion about it… Thats just really cool :slight_smile:


wohooo, superb work neox! really! congrats :beer:


good stuff…i guess if i had to crit anything is that the fur should be matted and covered in places with snow. other than that, what can I say…good stuff


Wow! I would never have thought that was 3D! Really nice work. :thumbsup: It would be cool to see some kind of animation of the scene :slight_smile:


very nice work - u go for a animation? (Trailer for the game)
i think u have problems with the hair (iam right) it looks like u have work on it in PS
please do not go for a WC3 clone :slight_smile:
and ure too late for the beast of burden challenge :slight_smile:

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:buttrock: :buttrock: :buttrock: :buttrock:



I might add that I like the wire picture as much as the textured one.


@made in uterus: tutorial? don’t think so, maybe a making of or something like that but no tutorial :stuck_out_tongue:

@swag: i think its not going to be a wc3 clone :9

@fr3drik: animation… hmmmm maybe, can’t say anything about that :wink:

@all the others thank you!


This is soo good. I really like the stylised look, I thought it was 2d. This is what I would like to see more of, people using 3d to assist the look of, an otherwise, 2d artwork. Very original. Well done!


i really really really dig this…Aa wooly rhino, sweet! why should elephant have all the fun?

two thumbs up my friend. My only complaint would be the ice and grass could look a bit better.

Is the hair 3d or photoshop (please excuse if this question has been asked already)


its 3d… took the main time on rendering :wink:


:bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:

i haven’t read the text but the image is so great

i found my new wallpaper

keep it up!