The Foundry:Time wip


Hey guys. Very excited for this challenge. The script for the advertisement is done. Currently doing 3d storyboards in Modo for the shoot coming up this Saturday. Spent part of the day working out the makeup to go with the look and coming up with a slogan. Lots of thanks going out to my buddies helping with the shoot, camera gear, locations etc.
Good luck to everyone. Here is a pic of the TIME logo and slogan.


Just a quick update. Live action shoot went really well over the weekend. Finished designing the TIME icon today so here is a updated graphic.


Taking a bit of time today to post all my wip shots, boards, concept art and photos from the live action shoot since it’s been a while since I’ve posted updates.


My amazing wife and her wonderful sisters created a modern take on traditional 1960’s makeup with a little futuristic edge. Our onset hair and makeup artist used these as inspiration for their unique futuristic makeup designs.


My storyboards. I had done a few boards for the initial idea, thumbnails for on set and some variations to shorten the commercial to a minute.

The commercial shows a dramatization of a consumer using a off-brand time travel device on a date. The off-brand time travel device begins to malfunction and his date goes terribly wrong.


Some photos of the live action shoot. The shoot went amazing. We were unable to get into the location for two hours (the person unlocking the restaurant overslept) and our male talent (the male time traveler) pulled a no-show. Luckily J.Anthony Cangialosi pulled off an amazing performance (he had been on set to help out). The entire crew was awesome and incredibly well organized and did an great job.


It’s really fun. The title of the most cheerful you’ve already earned. :applause: :thumbsup:


Title is great! :smiley: I’m curious to see final piece.


Loving this challenge. I’m currently modeling/rigging/animating still, but here are the boards I am working off of.


Grabbed some practical fx today on black screen using lint (disgusting dryer lint from our local laundromat), flour and tissues. As payment for shooting the footage for me I was volunteered to have flour shot into my eyes, nose and mouth. Yum. Hope you guys enjoy this as much as I did.
Have a great Sunday!



You just fearless hero :bowdown:


Dropping final logos into the animation.
Most of the full cg animation is complete and ready to render. I’m planning on kicking off final renders tonight. Should take about four days to render the cg section. Then I can get back on to the modo overlay graphics that go over the live action.


Very fun and professional. I love it. :applause:


Thanks! Completely forgot to relink it here.

My final submission: