The Foundry MODO: Time Travel Challenge - Support Thread


OK, not sure why I thought this was doing some cutting, but it is just a thumbnail tool, that is okay… thanks!


It won’t reduce your chances, you are in it as much as everyone else.

Good luck!


You need to use MODO, you get a free trial on the challenge page.

You can use other software as well, but MODO needs to be your main application.

Any other questions, let us know!



Cool stuff. I was wondering before I enter if it is possible to have the same machine for entries
Product design, and ad?

Can the ad be two pages with different renders of the product?


Yep, you can use the same design for multiple entries, that is fine.


Hi, I see a response saying group entries are permitted, but in the rules it clearly states that it is for individual entrants. I hate to be a spoil sport here, but I made the decisions on my entry by that rule and worked on it completely myself, if I knew we could do group entries I would have teamed up with my business partner. Sorry, I feel kinda like a jerk even posting this, but I think the rules need to be consistent to be fair. Anyone else agree?


Hello Dennis, you’re right. I’m genuinely sorry for this mess up. I created the Terms and Conditions page before I knew what The Foundry had planned for the challenge and nobody until now has pointed out the discrepancy.

However, on the bright side, if you do win you don’t have to share any of your prizes. There is also 2 weeks left, so your partner could get involved or create another entry.

Apologies once again, best of luck.


Hi there Modonauts and time travellers!

I’m not sure if this was answered correctly or I just missed something. I know there was a question about a second entry in the same category, but not sure what was the answer.
I finished my first product design but I have another completely different idea and I might find some time to create it. Can I upload everything just like before, and in the end next to my name there will be 2 final entries, or I should pick “multiple categories” for example?

Thank you very much in advance,


Hi Csicso3d, you are welcome to upload a second entry along side your first (just like before). alternatively you could create a new cgsociety user and join the challenge again if you’d prefer the entries to be separate.


Hello Keenly, Apology accepted. Yeah I thought a tv advertisement was a big one to tackle for one person in 2 months time alone :slight_smile: It seems everyone in the other categories are tackling it alone, so it’s all good. No worries. Good luck to all.


1.I have another question if that is possible. I have joined the contest and filled out the form for Modo 801 but where do I submit my WIP:s and Concept Art and such?

A) If there is a thread for the WIP and concept art, do I have to make two different threads if Im joining several entries?

  1. Also Im wondering if the ad can be a two-page thing that comes from an imaginary magazine? How do I upload the final entry if Im in several categories.

  2. When I´m done do I upload the WIP:s and the final image with the UPLOAD ENTRY button?

Thanks alot for reading, I just want to make sure everything will be in the right place.


Upload your WIP, Concept Art and Final Entry stages using the ‘UPLOAD ENTRY’ button. after you upload an image you will see the options to select which stage you are at.

do I upload the WIP:s and the final image with the UPLOAD ENTRY button?

How do I upload the final entry if Im in several categories.
You can just upload them all the that ‘UPLOAD ENTRY’ button.

  1. Also Im wondering if the ad can be a two-page thing that comes from an imaginary magazine?
    Yes, your ad can be the size of a 2 page magazine spread, that sounds great.

Good luck!


Hi, I have a couple of questions.

  1. I want to make my design as something wearable on face of the user and the main part of the print ad (my category) would show mostly the person’s face wearing the device. Is it ok to use real photo of a person (mine, friend’s, stock or something) while the device would be, of course, modeled, textured and rendered in modo? (with maybe some small touch-ups in Photoshop)?

Creating a photo-real face in 3D, which is not really important in this particular case, would take me much longer than the device itself.

  1. Is it ok to use The Foundry’s logo and stylization for icons, logos, text, etc. for the sake of making the ad more realistic? No copyright violation intended :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance.


There’s a technical issue when I click page 2 or 3 in the ‘view all entries submitted’ - it links me back to the Time Travel homepage. Hyperlink issues!


Scroll down the page. Entries are right at the bottom?


it would be nice to extend delivery Date!?


I would also like an answer to this. With only 5 days left, the sooner the better. :wink:


@ call-me-al: touché, my fault!

I blame it on the amount of work I’m doing on this project. :argh:



I want to partecipate the MODO Time travel challenge but today i have try to upload my first wip, but upload entry panel not work!

i have try with firefox, chrome and IE. and i have leatest version of flash player plugin!

see the print screen…

how i upload my entryes?


Uhm my modo says my licence will end in a day but the competition is still running for more than 2 days. Can anybody help me with that? Would be ery unfortunate to lose a day.