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Hi Folks!

I never really found a good tutorial or file that simulates a good bookflip. A book where you easily can add or remove pages, flip back and forth and still look nice. I figured that mograph module perhaps could be the answer. Anyway I started on a file, but I´m not really a hardcore pro yet. So therefore I invite the community to collaborate on this book. Let´s once for all model and animate this feature for everybody. Let´s keep it open source and pitch in with ideas and files. Here goes my first try…someone wanna take it from here?

Download here


Tag… I’ll be watching this one closely.


me too… great idea. I am not much of an animator but I will add what I can when I can…



cineveristy has a good tutorial on doing a book with turning pages and textures.


Not sure if this is cheating, but…

I used cloth to animate a single page turn. I converted four states of the page turn into PLA keyframes, then cloned the page and used the random effector to add a time delay.

The next step, I guess, would be to improve the pace of the page turn. I think 8 keyframes would be better. And then to add a bit of uniqueness to each turn.

One thing that’s been bothering me is the time delay with the Step effector. It seems to malfunction. When I use the step effector and time delay all the clones animate in unison until the initial animation is finished and then those that are delayed snap into their correct keyframes. Anyone else have this problem?



I have used a bend deformer to simulate a page turn effect.
I would also like to have more control to easily add textures to the planes.


Hi Kokosing i also had the same solution like yours. Instead of a random effector i used a Step Effector.

But then i faced another problem and that is to assign textures to each clone.

Is this possible?


The texturing bit is no problem. Just use the multi-shader in a material on the cloner. Put the multishader in the colour channel. Assign a different image to each layer of the multishader. Set the multishader to index ratio (this just tells it to use the source images sequentially on the clones.)

I’m having trouble with the animation offset in the step effector as I mentioned above which I why I used a random effector.

Also I didn’t realise the animation offset could handle things like an animated bend deformer. Good to know.

I might try this again soon with a spline wrap driving the page turn.




you can animate turning pages with cloth like Kokosing said, and you can animate all pages without converting to pla, just use the cache files, in the cache preferences you can set the differences in frames, for exemple the first page will use the cache in frame 0 then the second page will use the cache from frame 10 ans so on…:thumbsup:


I’ve learned something new today!
Thanks Kokosing!


this is great so far-ive been trying to figure this out forever!-But i still see a problem. How would you then take that flipbook file and at the end(this case on left side)get the pages to build up ontop of themselves and also compress them downwards as they pileup,then as they get closer to top they would be less straight and more spaced out as the tension on it is less from the spine of the book.(like a real book).Right now all your pages are ending by occupying the same space!


when you make the cache file from the first plan which is the page) and the second plan which is the collider, when you load it on other plans, they will make the same animation, with a some frames in differences (for exemple you set 10 between the first and the second, 7 btween 2nd and 3rd, 5 bewteen 3rd and 4th and so on) you can get a good effect, no need to calculate collision because there is the cache file!


Readers of this thread might be interested in the thread asking if c4d could accomplish a page turn based on a maya tutorial.



ewww,getting complicated-abdel can you showme what u mean by just revising the flipbook file and reposting? thx-sorry if im a little dense,just turned 40 today and i know have lost more brain cells on that fact alone :slight_smile:


when you make your cache simulation, then copy the plan animated (with cloth tag) and make some copies, now go to cloth tag (for every copy) and open your cache file that you saved from the first plan, now you just make the difference in frames in the setting where you open your cache file :thumbsup:
now, plans will only read the cache file, and with the parametre that you set about frames, it will depend on from when thoses plans will read the cached file !so no extra work and head-ach :smiley:


what i can add is the when you read from cache file it’s only a read task no more! so becarful! there will not be collision detection between those plans! to make tests use different color in luminance channel affected to those plans!


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