The End of the 3dsMax Monday Movie Tutorials


yep sad indeed, Mr-BlueSummers your tutorials have helped me quite a bit.

This thread should be stickied or something. These tuts are a great place to get someone started who has questions.


I only discovered the site a few days ago. Its a superb site. I think you are a very good tutor. I hope you will start the new series once you are back up and running.


I am probably going to burn for this but have a look at:-


To be clear, I don’t just like the series. I think it’s awesome. They’re wicked, short, step-by-step tutorials on things that most people either don’t know, or would never think to figure out.

And for someone like me, they’ll make the difference between hitting the ground running or embarrassing myself next week when I start my new job. So if I happen to still be there on day 2, a good portion of the credit will go to you.

Even as I dig deeper into Max, I’ll be a loyal subscriber to your vids because you never know what helpful tip someone else might have come up with.

So, seriously, thanks for the effort and time. And I sincerely hope you get up and running soon. Best of luck.



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