The easiest way to import Autocad DWG file (2D) to C4D?


Hello guys,

How is the best option to import DWG to C4D (this is a 2D base for the model) ? I tried the DXF file without any success. Thanks in advance for any answer :+1::+1::+1:


You can use to get from dwg to dxf. You can also go from dwg to EPS or SVG on the same website if thats better?

There are several online 3d object converters you can try. There’s so many now it’s simpler to say just search to find them.


the build in dwg import is somehow ok in last c4d versions i think. have you tried this?
for many uses this seems quite ok (not perfect thought)

the BEST way for our work at least is via rhino3d.
we open any dwg in rhino, save it as rhino3d and use our plugin to open it into c4d.
this is of course not cost free at all as you need rhino and the rhinoio plugin, so this makes onlysense if you use that often. this is a close to perfect import, but costly.

another option, if you own a autocad version, is the acad2c4d plugin, to export a native .c4d file from within autocad.