The Day the Music Died


He’s not talking about Modo! I think ICM is suggesting this where quite a lot of people are prepared to pay for stuff,

Blender Addons are typically sold on Gumroad too so BM stats alone are not the full story. There is a very healthy development community that supports the growth of Blender and there’s the potential to make a lot of money if you come up with an interesting tool like HardOps/BC. You won’t find overpriced Everyday Material packs for $399 on there.


This is turning out a popcorn and gossip thread. Maxon is not outsourcing any devs to China. I have personally met some in my time working in finnish distributor and all I know they are from Europe and most of them german some Austrian some Netherlander. Only language versions are translated by native people.
So give me a break…

My 2 cents.


Give me a break, nobody said they were…yet.

If I were you I’d look into the bottom of the barrel business practices of Adobe. Believe me Subscriptions are just the beginning.

The 3 founders of Maxon were not bought out and sent into retirement due to the generosity of the Nemetschek group shareholders. They were probably good old boys who were seen as an impediment to bringing more modern business practices i.e. shafting the customers for their last cent.

Modern corporate life is without emotion, it’s purely a numbers game. Everything is looked at from new opportunities to sell but also new ways to save money and take cost out of the business. The biggest costs are people and if you can drastically reduce the pay bill that’s what will happen.

A company I worked for was aggressively taken over, I saw exactly what happened.


Infograph your posts are getting dumber which is saying something.

The three original Maxon owners posted a cheerful goodbye and spoke about their enthusiasm for a new direction. And you think there was a spooky mission to oust them, despite none of the three saying anything about it at the time, nor any of them saying anything negative afterwards.

Then the Maxon employees express positivity and enthusiasm for some new directions online, which by your logic would mean they knew about a spooky forced ouster but are keeping quiet.

And the new boss is a friendly figure Maxon has worked with beforehand, but you think he’s like some mafia boss who wants to hack and slash the company, because this will somehow make them more money than just putting together a decent product and selling it.

If a hidden cam showed us who was typing your posts, who would we see, Rick Moranis playing Louis Tully in Ghostbusters? Because your writing is breaking new sonic barriers in terms of unmatched stupidity. I agree with you about Blender though.


The Day the Music Died was when this thread started.


None of us will ever know how the trio feel about their departure. Non-disclosure agreements are the norm in such situations. So your presumptuous commentary is vapid and hollow.

If it had been my baby…and I’d invested my life building it…I’d want to puke farm animals to watch what is happening.


There is a sheep mentality pervasive to our culture. Such would rather enjoy the ride to slaughter than be disturbed with loud and annoying alarm bells.


ICM, your repeated, angry, nutty rants over the past month comparing Maxon to bloodsuckers, parasites and criminals for doing what most other 3D apps are also doing at an affordable cost precludes me from taking your comments seriously in this thread. The only things ‘vapid and hollow’ in this discussion is your periodic comments here that you’d eventually leave with good graces and stick with Blender forums. You clearly never will and are addicted to whiny and spiteful victim posturing, presumably typed - as you suggested, so I’d hate to call you a liar - after a few drinks. Non-disclosure agreements have never forced anyone to make upbeat and positive and enthusiastic comments like the Maxon trio did upon their departure, and if they were forced out, why would a statement accompany it suggesting they would be on hand in future for advice? God knows what sort of whining you must have done on official Adobe forums when they wisely went subscription only, but I’m sure your wounded rants gave the happy Adobe users, of which there are many, a bloody good laugh.


@Sartana You can call me all the pejoratives under the sun but your naivety and gullibility are writ large across this forum. You probably still believe in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and CEOs are jolly nice people.

I think it’s hilarious to suggest the ‘3’ would say something now after all these years of saying precisely nothing. As ICM correctly states NDAs will be in force so even if the ‘3’ wanted to say something they couldn’t.

I challenge you Sartana old chum to revisit this thread in 2 - 3 years and see if Maxon is anything like the company it was under the ‘3’ and how well the Subscription has worked out for the end user and the employees.

A good manager will keep his workers motivated and having a lot of fun right up to the moment they are invited to clear their desks. I’ve never seen anyone let go that wasn’t completely surprised by it.

From your reply to ICM, I can see you absolutely deserve everything the Adobe Subscription model does for C4D. It couldn’t happen to a nicer bloke, I’ll try and contain my schadenfreude when C4D is reduced to a buggy bloated hot mess.


Infograph and ICM… your posts are so over-the-top in its doomsday, ZOMG-the-sky-is-falling! cynicism, you’re hard to take seriously. You guys come across as bitter, butthurt, over-emotional, presumptuous cry-babies that you’re nothing but laughable.

Maybe you’re right on some level: That the subscriptions will cease development, or the new CEO is some blood-thirsty, self-destructive tyrant that wants only to fleece Maxon’s customers for its stockholder’s bottom line, or something something Blender.

But get a grip. All signs and evidence so far point to none of these things. In time, we’ll see, but can you give your ridiculous rhetoric a break?


Can I ask --what are we trying to accomplish here? Post helpful c4d user info? Just attack each other and argue?

Some of us here are unhappy wth cinema 4d, maxon management, and direction. We get it.
Some of us feel differently.

Some of us are trying to push the c4d user community away from c4d and towards blender. (We actually use blender a bit here as well as lots of other apps to get the work done. C4D is our hub and we are happy with it for now). I go to the appropriate forums/ websites, youtube channels to find out more info on these otther apps, unless it s to do with integreation of these tools in c4d, then I might post here.

My suggestion would be to go forth and follow your bliss. If you have found a better way and that works for you, go right ahead. Not everyone will agree with you points of view. There are reasons why we choose our path whether c4d or other. Let us sorry gullible folks continue down our spiral into oblivion, :slight_smile: and if you feel strongly about it you are free to start a blender community somewhere else. Or maybe change this thread title to “typical software forum flame war”. Thanks!


I agree with Joel and CMYK.


One can be wary of the future without throwing a hissy fit.


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You have not seen the levels of idiocy I am capable of. I just spilled a full glass of water on my workstation, yet I then filled another glass and put it in the same place. And spilled it again.


You don’t even have your facts straight. I hadn’t posted once on this forum the past 3 weeks and then I saw someone revived this thread and discussion was resumed. Then some ridiculous lies were made about Sarbanes-Oxley relative to software updates.

Dragged back in…


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Infograph - Adobe should have brought the subscription model in years earlier. Life is much better with it.

ICM - Who ‘lied’ about Sarbanes Oxley? The guys working for the company that have to deal with it, and who would know how it affects them in practice better than anyone else?

By the logic exposed from the two of you, Maxon was a fine company run by nice trustworthy people before the leadership change, and after it suddenly everyone turned into liars. What a steaming load.

Software companies go through occasional speed bumps, it’s true, but the symphony of demented whining coming from you two has attained Internet-world-record levels of stupidity. It’s like global Y2K hysteria, except this time manifest within the keyboards of two people only, and provoked by the dire circumstance of whether a commercial software company should offer a low cost subscription to a large user base of willing customers. I’m pretty sure the only time I’ve ever seen anything dumber was when I read a chapter chronicling the famous last words of people qualifying for the Darwin Awards.


Go tell the Adobe customers of Venezuela how life is much better with the subscription model. Adobe has cut access without warning so all those artists who entered into a legally binding contract with Adobe now cannot access the tools of their trade due to an increase in illegal US sanctions on the country.

Think that same thing couldn’t happen with companies based in the EU? Listen to the poisonous russophobic and sinophobic rhetoric spewing from such EU luminaries as Guy Verhofstadt and Donald Tusk. This trumped up EU empire likes to throw around sanctions too so how should a Russian or Chinese artist feel comfortable entering into a contract for software when their tools of their trade could be switched off overnight.

It has become de rigueur for governments to throw around sanctions like confetti and corporations to jump straight to it in compliance, sooner or later the sanctions will impinge on your ability to do business if you don’t own your software.

Don’t say it can’t happen, it happened to the good people of Venezuela.