THE DAY THE MUSIC DIED - Topic deleted?



there used to be a topic called “The day the music died” which was about discussing Maxons plan of going ‘subscription only’ and had many sites.

This seems to be gone.

Does anyone have an info on that?



Toxic. Deleted. Not missed (by me, at least).


why was it deleted? It was an important discussion about what users think of the “Subscription-Only” Model.


It rapidly descended into Maxon-bashing, name-calling and Blender oneupmanship. I think the general concensus was that hobbyists/amatuers dislike the subscription model; some professionals actually liked it. Either way, the discussion is moot now because it’s here and not going away.


Hi Darth_Mole,

in my opinion with deleting such a thread you´re deleting an important discussion favoring Maxon.

and I have a totally different impression about what you´re saying. As a professional most of my freelance collegues say: Subscription as an Option is good, but with subscription-only we have no benefits at all. It´s more expensive but we get less.
I considered it an important thread to valuate the current mood.


I get that, but we dont really need input from other users in regards of our wallet. At the moment, you can either sub or buy it. No one can really tell you what to do with your money.


Feels like we’re retreading old ground, so I’m staying out of this conversation.


If this thread was deleted becaus the opinions in it did not fit I find this highly problematic. You can close it, but deleting it is bad. Free speach and such!


It wasn’t deleted because of “not fitting opinions”, it was deleted because it became a toxic bashing against Maxon and C4D users which still like to use it after the new subscription model and hateful disparaging against C4D.


Free speech does not mean people will start insulting each other. Please, let this one die before it derails.


Marko-doria, as the one who created the thread…I felt I had the opportunity to communicate my opinion, and I believe I did so, for the most part, in a reasonable fashion (Though pointed for some). At a certain point the talking points became repetitive, so I don’t have much problem that it was deleted. I have nothing more to add to the dialog as Maxon isn’t interested in changing their plan, and users here deserve the freedom to discuss c4d, without (too much) distraction.

We all ultimately must decide with our wallet and our learning-investment what is our software of choice. I have decided to stay w/C4D 20 and to also learn Blender. I wish you all the best.


Is this the right room for an argument ?


No, sorry you’re in contradiction. Argument is next door.


No it’s not