The bear up there



Doing a very short job for Grid-vfx, blow of a little steam between the other work and a chance to test Messiah’s rendering - research for 850 Meters (shortfilm in pre-production)

Mr wizard Vegard helped me on the road with the furry fur, and for the first time I’m completing a fully messiah render :slight_smile: Which makes me feel quite confidant for the shortfilm production.

Some problems sure, but I like the result a lot (and so did the client :wink:

First attempt

Vegard stepped in and showed me around :slight_smile:

Adding the Zbrush maps

Start to play with lights

Adding other elements

I’m still working on the Pinguin, but the bear - the biggest challenge - is close to final.




That’s really nice, in every area!

While I am sure you are probably most happy that you got the fur resolved…I have to add that I really like the snow texture as well.

Was that a painted weight, or did you use a couple of textures with weight falloffs to separate the main snow from the rippled bunch snow?



Beautiful work!!! A real inspiration. Yes, I’d love to learn more about your snow as well!


Beautiful fur and snow. Nice lighting too. :beer:


Another vote for a tutorial on the Snow…:thumbsup:


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