Texturing question


Hi, I have a metal pipe that twists all over the place. I want to put a texture and bump map on it to simulate a segmented look. The problem is that I can’t get anything that really works.
Any suggestions? There are no UVs.


UV’s are the answer.

You will have to add them with a modeling/texturing application.


What he said. :slight_smile:



  • Start with modeling a cylinder, meshed pretty high and long enough in length to accommodate all the bending you’ll be doing in a minute.

  • Bring your cylinder into EI unbent and straight, then texture it as usual.

-After it’s all textured, you can use EI’s deforms to bend it all over and the textures will all stay where you put 'em. Use Dicer to divide the surface mesh of the model if you need more resolution in the mesh for all the deforms you sound like you’ll use. Add as many deforms as it takes, I guess.




Do the same thing I just said, only use a lot of bones in the cylinder instead of the deforms. Or combine bones with the deforms. I’d use bones and deforms, both. I didn’t think of it until I posted the deforms info. One way or another, I suppose.

Those guys are right, btw. UVs are the way to go, unless you just don’t want to bother right now.



Thanks for the ideas everyone.
As it turned out the deadline was to tight to do anything very much, but I would really like to get a working solution to this, so, more experimenting when I have time.


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