Texture question


Hello all. I wonder if you could help me?
If you look at the picture, you’ll see a problem I am trying to resolve.
On the left are 4 separate objects that are made of 1 poly each. As you can see, a simple checkerboard texture applies to all 4 ‘tiles’ individually.

But on the right, is an object with 4 extruded polys. When I apply the same texture to the four polys, the texture stretches across all the polys as if they are one.

My question is… can I apply a single texture onto a selection of individual polys so that they apply on a per poly bases? As if they were seperate objects?

Many thanks.


I’m sure there’s a smarter solution, but you can do it with poly selection sets


I was trying to make it easier with the UV Editor but I got mad with it. BP never works in my hands … Somehow the editor just went black and before that I couldn’t move polygons or view the texture map.


Thank you taking the effort to recreate my situation mitchino - much appreciated.

However, I have already attempted this method and the texture still stretches across the four polys. If you look carefully at your image, you’ll see a small amount of overlap on the bottom right square. It can be quite deceiving and fooled me at times.

Thanks a lot though.


Hi Bemis, thank you for attempting to help. I am starting to realise this is a uv issue now, but because I have hundreds of these to do ( I am only showing four as an example here ), I may have to scrap the whole project and start again.

It is basically a huge bathroom model and we are trying to texture the tiled floor. The pre modelled gaps are the grout lines ( which’ll have their own texture ) and the upper face poly is to receive the floor tile texture.

Im trying to find a way of converting those tiles to individual objects so they are easier to texture.


Not sure what you mean - my method allows each texture/material to be adjusted independently of the others.


I think I now get what you are trying to do. You want one big texture to map across all the tiles? If it was me I’d create that in Photoshop including the grout, and then use a displacement map to raise the tiles. Just apply it to a subdivided plane rather than extruding the tiles.


I’ll have to take another look at what i was doing wrong then. Thanks for your help again.

And yes, while I agree the photohop method is probably better, at the moment Im working with a model sent by the client. I may rebuild it if its quicker in the end.