Texture from 360 Degree turntable


Hey everybody,

I´ve got an unusual problem request. I´ve been asked to generate over 300 realtime 3D models from consumer goods. Most of them are cylindric (cans, bottles…).

I´d like to generate the label textures from a set of 360 degree turntable photographs. So basically take a small section from a photograph, remove lense distortion and stitch together.

Can anybody point me in the right direction of a correct workflow. I will be willing to buy photoshop scripts or plugins and additional commercial software, I calculated that in the budget.

Models will be created procedurally and by script in Max, so no Photgrammetry neccessary.

I won´t get the original print files, BTW. Agencies or unable to procure them, business as usual … :wink:

Best regards



Okay, I solved it. Set up a Pipeline involving heavy use of PS actions, Javascript and some other crafty ideas.

If anybody reads this and has the same unusual problem, drop me a PM